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How to change a tyre or replace a flat tyre

A flat tyre can always happen. In your home country with your own car, but also here in New Zealand while on your Spaceships road trip. Your Spaceship is equipped with a spare tyre. To change a tyre is just as easy as on any regular car. If you have never changed a tyre before or you need a refresher course, the tips and videos on this page will help you out.

As a flat tyre is a non-mechanical fault the call-out costs of using the 24-hours roadside service by NZRA, will be your cost regardless of the insurance option you have selected. See for more info our Terms & Conditions.

Safety tips before you change the tyre

  • No one should be in your Spaceship when replacing a tyre.
  • Make sure that you and your fellow traveller(s) are out of the way of traffic.
  • Apply the hand/footbrake and put the vehicle in 'park'.
  • Loosen the wheel nuts first, but don't remove them! Tip: righty tighty, lefty loosey
  • Then place the jack underneath the vehicle, at the jacking point. See the videos below for further instructions.

Changing the tyre of your Spaceships campervan [videos]

To show you how to change a tyre of your Spaceships, we've created several instructional videos. These are especially useful if you have never changed a tyre before.

Video Thumbnail

How to change a tyre (general tips). Great video if you have never replaced a tyre before