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Our proactive role in responsible tourism

Spaceships naturally adopted a leadership role in their sectors from commencing operations over ten years ago. Coming from a background of Eco-Tourism in Australia has helped ingrain this into our thinking here in New Zealand.

Over the years we have always taken a balanced approach to our economic, social and environmental responsibilities to ensure we have a positive effect on New Zealand and do what we can to improve our environment. We are very proud of what we have created and continue to improve.

Taking responsible travel to the next level

Over the years we have supported numerous charities, schools, bands, global travellers, magazines, and various other alternative travellers. Below are some of the key initiatives we have played a significant role in.

Freedom Camping Forum

We took on a leadership role when the ‘Freedom Camping Forum’ was created. This role included being part of the establishment and implementation of the ‘where to camp’ information online, in booking confirmations, follow up emails, and at the time of check out.

Free camping

We suggested surveying of some free camping hot spots through summer so we could actually gather some real information on the type of Vehicles free camping. These results yielded real information that was lacking and helped shape the strategy moving forward.

DOC campsite pass

We met with the Commercial Manager of DOC and suggested we should create the DOC campsite pass that we could market and pre-sell prior to the visitor’s arrival to help educate them and ensure they plan accordingly. We encourage the Department of Conservation to better market their amazing camping facilities. This with the support of the Forum has helped create a better profile and awareness of the great facilities 'DOC' manage and make accessible to us.

Travel guidebooks

We have teamed up with an American guidebook author and campervan enthusiast. His NZ Frenzy guidebooks help travellers to go off the beaten path and to experience the real New Zealand. We issue the NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free to our customers at the time of booking. They can use it as a planning tool to ensure they have the best holiday and travel responsibly while in New Zealand.

Blue Duck Station

We visited Dan Steele at Blue Duck Station in October 2008 and saw an amazing opportunity for our customers. In 2009 Stray started taking their customers into this amazing wilderness experience showcasing what we would rate as one of if not the best working example of diversified farming, tourism, history, culture and conservation all rolled into one. It has proved so good that Stray has restructured their itinerary to have two nights in there and Dan with our support has gone onto buying the entire property out and win the Nuffield Scholarship.

Planting project

Our planting and community project in Akaroa continues to develop. We have now planted 48,000 native plants and have created a public walkway linking the towns of Takamatua and Akaroa together so now locals and travellers can engage with our project. This is a wonderful project that brings a huge amount of satisfaction to us and is something great our travellers can engage with if they are in Akaroa. Read more about our conservation project Children’s Bay Park in Akaroa.

That's Spaceships in a nutshell

We are a young and passionate team that remains committed to looking after New Zealand. We hope you have a great time exploring and engaging with our beautiful backyard.

The Spaceships Team