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Manage your Spaceships campervan & booking

At Spaceships, we like to make your New Zealand road trip as easy as possible. And because it is your #spaceshipsroadtrip, you have the power. The self-service section of our website is where it all happens. You can change/update your booking, pay the remaining balance or get to know your Spaceships campervans before you arrive at our depot. Check it out.

Check-in online and manage your booking

The Online Check-in system opens once your booking is confirmed. You log in by using your booking reference number and your last name, which can all be found in the confirmation you have received from us. You don't have to do the online check-in in one go. You can always come back later to finish it. As long as all steps are done 3 days before your scheduled day of pick-up.

If your day of pick-up falls on a weekend day or public holiday, you will need to finish the online check-in process on the last working day (usually a Friday) before the weekend or public holiday.

Via the Online Check-in system you can manage your booking: update your details, add extra driver(s), add or remove accessories and more. You're in control. The Online Check-in is part of our contactless pick-up process and it speeds up the pick-up process. Less time spent at our depot is more time to spend on the road.

Access Online Check-in System

Easiest and most secure way to pay your remaining balance

If you haven't paid in full for your confirmed booking, you can use our secure online payment portal to make the payment. You'll need your booking reference and last name (see confirmation email that was sent) to log in and to see the remaining balance.

There are no payment fees when you pay the remaining balance online. It is easy & secure.

Pay remaining balance now

Reduce your excess to $0 by upgrading the insurance

Standard or basic insurance is included with every Spaceships campervan in New Zealand. By upgrading to our Stress-Free insurance package you will have the most complete cover and will reduce the excess to zero. We have created an easy to read page to show you the differences between all insurance options: basic, partial and stress-free.

Compare the insurance options

How to add accessories

The magic at Spaceships Rentals happens online. The most popular camping & campervan accessories are listed on our booking page and can be added when you book your Spaceships campervan.

The full list of accessories has been added to the Online Check-in Portal, which can be accessed once your booking is confirmed. You can always add or remove accessories via the check-in portal, as long as it is done before your scheduled day of pick-up.

See our range of accessories

Find the answer to all questions

The Spaceships NZ Support Station is an advanced FAQ system that is packed with info. We have downloaded the knowledge of all Spaceships Crew Members and have uploaded in this advanced yet easy-to-use FAQ system.

It is our way of giving you all the power and the ability to find the answer to all your questions 24/7. More info is added regularly so the system is like an ever-expanding universe. Check it out.

Open Support Station & FAQ

Make changes to your booking or extend your road trip

It is easy to make changes to your Spaceships booking before pick-up or to extens your trip when you are already on the road. Simply send in this form to request these changes. Our friendly customer service team will do their magic and will follow up as soon as possible,

Make Changes Now

Send in a cancellation request

If your travel plans have changed, please keep in mind that you can always update your travel dates free of charge (subject to availability). No need to cancel your booking for that. No worries.

However, if due to circumstances you do need to cancel your booking, please use the cancellation request form.

Open cancellation request form

Features of your campervan explained: videos & manuals

Or as we like to call it, the system manuals and pilot instruction videos. Spaceships campervans are easy to use. Its features are almost self-explanatory. However, we do want to focus on some items to make the blast off to explore the outer space of New Zealand even easier.

We have created instructional videos that will show you how to use your Spaceships campervan. Oldskool manuals in a new-school digital format have been loaded onto the system as well. It'll be an easy start of a great #spaceshipsroadtrip in New Zealand.

How to...? Extensive road trip tips!

Any question you have that starts with the words HOW TO, will be answered here. Questions like....

  • How to use the ferry voucher & book a ferry?
  • How to set up the rear awning of the campervan?
  • How to find free and budget campsites?
  • How to change a flat tyre?
  • And many more...

Check out all how-to's

And find the answer to your question that starts with HOW TO.

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It'll be a great #SpaceshipsRoadTrip

Now that we have covered everything, you are ready for blast-off. Have a great road trip. If there are any questions, issues or feedback, our New Zealand crew is only a phone call, email or chat message away.

Contact the Spaceships team

How to make your New Zealand road trip super easy

  1. Book a Spaceships campervan online, you'll get the best rate guaranteed. And our campervans come with all cooking and sleeping gear included. You just need to bring your luggage, some food and you're ready to go.
  2. Pay the remainder of your balance before you arrive at the Spaceships depot. That will make the check-in process super easy and fast. The Manage My Booking / Pre-Arrival Check-in can be found on this page as well.
  3. Watch our instructional videos about how to use your Spaceships campervan before travelling to New Zealand. These videos will show all features of the vehicle, so you're prepared before starting your road trip.

Did you forget to add an accessory like a prepaid, open-date ferry ticket or a Winter (keeps you extra warm on cold days) or Summer Pack (keeps you extra cool & relaxed on warm days)? No worries. You can add 'em via our Manage Your Booking system.
And we've added more info to this page to help you prepare for your road trip or assist you when you are on the road in New Zealand. If there are any questions just start an online chat or call us on our freephone/toll-free number 0800 772 237 or send us an email [email protected].

The Spaceships crew is here to make your stay in New Zealand easy and fun. And we love to answer questions and to help you out. As seasoned travellers, we have heaps of info and tips.

Questions that will be answered on this Self-Service Page

  • How do I add a driver to the existing rental?
  • How do I add my driving licence to my booking?
  • How can I add or remove accessories to my booking?