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How to use the Beta 2S campervan

The Beta 2S campervan is the perfect campervan when you’re planning to explore New Zealand by yourself or with a mate. The Spaceships Beta 2S has seating for 2 travellers (there’s no backseat) and 2 people can sleep comfortably inside, with the boot closed.

The video above will show you exactly how to use your Beta 2S campervan. No need to read a boring manual, just watch the how-to video.

This is what you can expect to learn from the Beta 2S video manual.

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How to use the Beta 2S campervan: features, set-up and road trip tips explained

5 reasons to travel New Zealand in a Beta 2S

1. More features, for instance, USB ports for charging electronic devices and a more discrete look.
2. Unlimited kilometres & being able to drop off at another depot (no extra fees)
3. Bedding & linen included
4. More space inside as there’s no back seat. Therefore, it can only seat 2 people and you can’t use a baby or child seat (if more seats or using a baby seat is what you’re after then the Beta campervan is the one for you.
5. An additional driver can be added free of charge. There are no hidden fees or extra charges when hiring a Beta 2S campervan. Everything is included in our low prices. There are no surprises.

Before you start your road trip

Before you start the engine of your Beta 2S it’s important to get the know the vehicle you’ll be using to explore New Zealand:

  • Make sure you’re seated comfortably. It’s better for your health and it helps towards having a safe journey.
  • Some simple checks to do before starting and driving off in your Beta 2S campervan.
  • Extra info about the automatic transmission of the campervan, like which setting to use to drive this campervan.
  • Instructions & tips about safe driving in New Zealand

Using the cooking gear

  • You’ll see all cooking items that can be found in the Beta 2S. Everything you’ll need to prepare a yummy meal, from pans and utensils to plates, forks and knives.
  • The video even shows you a simple yet yummy recipe. Perfect dish after a day of driving and/or hiking.
  • And some tips for setting up and using the portable gas cookers. Yes, there are portable so you can also place them on a picnic table along the way. As long as it’s on a flat and stable surface.

Sleeping in the Beta 2S campervan (and using the rear awning)

  • Setting up sleeping option #1: fully inside with the boot (back door) closed.
  • Or setting up the bed with the rear awning (a tent-like extension) for more space and extra ventilation. We call it sleeping option #2. Perfect for warm summer nights in New Zealand.
  • There’s also the optional sunshade for creating a bigger covered outdoor area. That one is also easy to set up.

Mechanical tips like replacing a tyre

  • How to check the oil level of the Beta 2S campervan
  • Checking tyre pressure and how to add air to get it up to the recommended tyre pressure again. Especially on a long road trip on gravel roads, you’ll need to check if the tyre pressure is still on the recommended level of 36 PSI.
  • In case of a flat tyre, the video shows you how to replace a tyre of the Beta 2S. Each Spaceships campervan category has some difference when it comes to replacing a tyre. Please watch the video for all details concerning the Beta 2S.

Ready for your #spaceshipsroadtrip

As soon as you’ve finished watching the video you are good to go. You are ready to have a great time in New Zealand. You’re now ready for your #spaceshipsroadtrip. Have fun exploring the outer space of New Zealand in your Beta 2S campervan.