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Spaceships campervan hire in New Zealand

Renting a Spaceships campervan is a great way to explore New Zealand. We have depots on the North Island and South Island, making it super easy to explore all corners of the Outer Space of New Zealand. And the best part is that at Spaceships we include more items that other rental companies charge money for.

  • One-way travel is included! We don't charge extra for that.
  • Picking up after-hours is a free service, which means you can pick up your campervan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (just make sure to select 'after-hours' when booking your campervan online).
  • Unlimited kilometres, sleeping & cooking gear... It's all included. There are no hidden fees,

The price you see is the price you'll pay. And we have our lowest price promise and price match guarantee.

Spaceships depot locations in New Zealand

Explore the outer space of New Zealand in a super flexible way. Create your own itinerary and decide where you want to start, in Auckland (North Island) or in Christchurch (South Island). See it all in New Zealand. All Spaceships depots are easy to reach - from the airport and the city - and offer 24/7 pick-ups, so you are not stuck to opening hours. Our after-hours process is automated and super-easy, but no staff member will be on-site. Prefer chatting to a Spaceships Crew Member during pick-up, make sure to pick up during business hours. All info about the depots, including opening hours is listed below. Select the depot location and you'll get all the info.

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High Standards: Clean & Well-Maintained Campervans

Spaceships New Zealand has extremely high standards for checking & cleaning our campervans. We are proud to be a COVID Clean Business, awarded by Qualmark. We will always clean our vehicles to the highest standards possible.

Spaceships is a COVID Clean Approved Business

Our pick-up & drop-off processes are self-service with staff on-site during business hours to help out. After-hours is a free service. You can pick up your campervan at any time of the day or night (24/7). We’ll give you all the information you need prior to pick up.

Campervan hire in the North Island

Our depot on the North Island is located in Auckland (suburb: Onehunga). It's conveniently located between the city and the airport and yes we do offer a transfer service from the airport of the city to our depot. The transfer is free if you rent a campervan for 21 days or more.

Sometimes people ask us if they can pick up or drop off their Spaceships campervan in these locations:

  • Gisborne
  • Hamilton
  • New Plymouth
  • Napier
  • Palmerston North
  • Paraparaumu
  • Rotorua
  • Tauranga
  • Wellington
  • Whangarei

Unfortunately, that isn't possible. You'll always need to pick up and drop off your Spaceship at an official Spaceships depot. But we don't charge one-way fees, so you'll pay the same low rate if dropping off at our Christchurch depot. There's no need to drop off at the same depot. Travel from Auckland to Christchurch or from Christchurch to Auckland. One-way travel is included in our low rates.

Campervan hire in the South Island

Our South Island campervan hire depot is located in Christchurch. It's about 2km from the airport's arrival hall. In Christchurch, we also offer a transfer service. And just as in Auckland, it's free if you rent a Spaceship for 21 days or more.

Sometimes travellers ask us if they can pick up or drop off their Spaceships campervan in these locations...

  • Invercargill
  • Nelson
  • Oamaru
  • Queenstown
  • Timaru
  • Wanaka

Unfortunately, that isn't possible as we don't have a depot in those locations. Your Spaceship can only be picked up and dropped off at the official Spaceships depot in Christchurch. We don't charge a one-way fee, so you can drop off at our Auckland depot. No worries. Travel from Christchurch to Auckland or from Auckland to Christchurch in your Spaceship. No hidden fees and no extra costs. That's what Spaceships Rentals is all about.

Best place to pick up a campervan in New Zealand

The best place to pick up a campervan is the starting point of your amazing road trip. As most travellers want to see it all in New Zealand, it means that a central and easy to reach location in the North Island or the South Island is the best way to go. When you are flying to New Zealand from an overseas destination, Auckland in the North Island or Christchurch in the South Island are the best options to pick up a campervan.

  • Both Auckland and Christchurch airports are being served by many international airlines, which means affordable airfare.
  • Spaceships campervan rentals has an easy to reach depot in Auckland and Christchurch and offer a free transfer to the depot if you hire for 21 days or more.
  • Spaceships doesn't charge a nasty fee for one-way road trips. There is no fee at all for one-way hires.

All this means that you can create an itinerary that perfectly matches your travel plans. Now you can see everything New Zealand has to offer in a super-relaxed and flexible way. Campervan hire is the way to go.

Travelling North to South or South to North? What is best?

If you are looking for the cheapest road trip option in New Zealand, it is always best to go in the opposite direction of what the majority of travellers is doing. Why? Supply and demand! If more people prefer to pick up in location X and drop off in location Y, then you will get a lower rate if you travel in the opposite direction.

And in New Zealand, the most popular route to travel is starting in Auckland and ending in Christchurch. There are so many reasons why so many travellers do it that way... Most think the South Island is more beautiful so they want to save that for last. Lots of them think that because Auckland is the biggest city that campervan rates will be lower there. And some start in Auckland because it was cheaper for them to fly to Auckland instead of Christchurch.

That all means that often it is cheaper to do a road trip from Christchurch to Auckland than vice versa. Simply a matter of supply and demand. See for yourself. Try our advanced online booking system and see the difference between date & route combos. You will have access to exactly the same data as the Spaceships crew so you can see exactly which dates are cheaper or which pick-up/drop-off location has lower rates. Power to you.

Pro-tip: make sure to send the online to your email address so it is locked in for several days (quote validity will be mentioned in the quote email). That means that you have locked in that price and can book it in later when it suits you, as long as you do it before the quote expires. It'll give you time to think about it or to tweak your itinerary without having to worry that the price will increase in the next few days due to supply & demand.

Finding a petrol station, wash-bay or supermarket in the area of a Spaceships depot

All Spaceships depots in New Zealand are easy to reach from the city and the airport. And all depots have a wide range of petrol stations and supermarkets nearby. We have added all that info to our depot pages so check it out. See all info about the Auckland depot and what can be found nearby or check out the Christchurch depot info to prepare for your road trip or drop-off. 

Whether you're looking for the closest petrol station - with or without wash-bay facilities - a supermarket or a place to get some coffee. The Spaceships official website and depot pages have all the info. Or check the Spaceships recommended road trip apps.