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Use our life hacks to get the most out of your campervan

Simple life hacks can help you make the most out of your hire campervan and enhance your overall road trip experience. It starts with the simple, basic tips, but there is much more. Let's start with the basic camping & road trip life hacks, then dive deeper into specific Spaceships campervan life hacks. All were created by fellow Space Travellers and the Spaceships Crew.

  • Organize your stuff: Space in campervans is limited, no matter how big the vehicle is. Therefore it can quickly become cluttered and cramped, making it challenging to navigate and relax. Using simple storage hacks like packing cubes, collapsible storage containers, and using the storage space in your Spaceships campervan to make it easier to find what you need and keep your campervan tidy.
  • Pack smartly: To make the most of the space in your campervan, pack smartly by rolling your clothes instead of folding them, packing them in layers, and using packing cubes or vacuum-sealed bags. This will help you save space and avoid the frustration of searching for things buried deep in your luggage.
  • Use portable chargers and power banks: It's essential to stay connected while on a road trip. All Spaceships campervans in New Zealand are equipped with USB ports to charge small electronic devices. As a back-up or extra precaution, you can always bring portable chargers and power banks to keep your devices charged when going on a long hike.
  • No need to bring a portable stove and utensils! All Spaceships campervans come with cooking gear included (see for more info). Adn keep reading to see a list of all cooking gear items that are included.
  • Make use of campgrounds and facilities: Many campsites offer facilities like toilets and (cold-water) showers while holiday parks and commercial campings offer even more facilities like a kitchen, hot-water showers and laundry facilities that can make your campervan road trip more comfortable. Research via the free camping & road trip app and plan ahead to find campgrounds with amenities that suit your needs.

And now it is time for specific camping and campervan life hacks and tips. We'll be adding more tips & life hacks regularly so check back regularly.

Various camping & campervan life hacks & tips

By using these simple life hacks and insider information, you can make the most of your campervan rental and have a truly memorable road trip experience.

How can I prevents or get rid of condensation in the campervan?

Condensation is the natural process by which water vapour in the air changes into liquid water. When people breathe, they exhale water vapour, which can accumulate inside a closed car and cause condensation on the windows.

The air inside a closed car can become humid quickly, especially if there are multiple people inside. As the warm, moist air from breathing comes into contact with the cooler windows, the water vapour in the air condenses on the glass surface, forming droplets of water.

This happens because the temperature of the glass is lower than the dew point temperature of the humid air. The dew point temperature is the temperature at which the air becomes saturated with water vapour, and any additional moisture in the air begins to condense.

Preventing condensation

It is normal and natural to wake up in the morning and to see condensation on your campervan's windows. To minimise the built-up of condensation we recommend:

  • Leaving one or more windows open, just a tiny amount so fresh air can come in is more than enough to limit condensation in your campervan
  • Use the unique rear awning that comes included with almost all Spaceships campervans. Only the Dream Sleeper Mini (+ Stealth) models don't have the option to use a rear awning. The rear awning is a tent-like construction that goes over the open boot of the campervan, creating more space and ventilation. See how to use the rear awning.

Getting rid of condensation

If there's condensation in the campervan, make sure it is gone before you start driving again. Here are some tips for you.

  • Open the windows fully to let fresh morning air come in
  • Use the campervan's air conditioning or air blower system to warm up the windows and to get rid of condensation. Use the setting where air blows against/over the front window (set to window symbol) and aim the air blowers' flaps onto the side windows


What kind of cooking gear is included with Spaceships campervans?

All Spaceships come with the following cooking gear included:

  • 2x gas cookers
  • 2x free gas canister
  • pot & pan
  • kettle
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • tongs
  • spatula
  • can opener
  • peeler
  • sieve
  • plates
  • cups
  • cutlery - forks, knives & spoons

Photos of all that is included can be found on each vehicle's specs page. Start here and select your preferred Spaceships campervan. There are heaps of photos in both image galleries on these pages.

Overview of the cooking gear that is included with each Spaceships campervan

Please note: glasses are no longer included as we are looking for a better alternative.

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A Spaceships campervan is the most flexible way to experience New Zealand

  • Flexibility - No fixed routes, stop where you want to stop and go where to want to go.
  • One-way - You don't need to drive the same route or loop. At Spaceships, you can book a one-way as there are no fees for one-way trips.
  • Unlimited mileage - You're on unlimited kilometres (mileage) so you can see more of New Zealand, no matter how far you drive.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: All Spaceships campervans are registered with NZRA 24-hour roadside service, which covers mechanical faults.
  • Cost-effective - Camping is a great way to experience real Kiwi life. Go for free or budget campsites and you'll save so much when compared to motels or hostels.
  • Pick up & drop off 24/7. After-hours is a free service. You can pick up or drop off your campervan 24/7 year-round, no matter the time or the day of the week. Just select 'after-hours' or 'early after-hours' when booking your campervan.

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