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How to use your Dream Sleeper Mini campervan

Your glamping adventure is about to start. But before you can hit the road in your advanced campervan, the Spaceships Dream Sleeper Mini, it’s best to watch the instructional video we have created for you. The Dream Sleeper Mini has so many awesome features, features that are completely different from any of our other campervans.

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How to use your Dream Sleeper MIni: all features explained + road trip tips

New & Improved: Draining the Wastewater/Grey-water

The wastewater drainage system of the Dream Sleeper Mini has been upgraded in 2023. It is now easier to drain the grey-water of your Dream Sleeper Mini campervan. Here are the steps to follow.... Or check out the video below.

  1. Remove the green bag from underneath the storage compartment.
  2. Before removing the cap and attaching the hose check to make sure your blue tap for wastewater is in the turned-off position.
  3. Remove the cap from the plug that is located at the rear bottom left of the van, by pulling the two silver levers down on each side.
  4. Remove the plug end of the wastewater hose and attach this to the plug on the van.
  5. Remove the cap from the other end of the waste hose and place it in the drain of the dump station.
  6. Turn the blue tap to release the wastewater into the dump station.
  7. Once empty turn the blue tap into the off position. Drain out all of the pipe and then put the cap back on the end of the waste pipe.
  8. Remove the other one of the waste pipes and put the plug back inside this end.
  9. Place the cap back onto the plug that is on the back end of the car.
Autumn road trip in NZ

How to drain the wastewater / grey-water of the Dream Sleeper Mini

Common questions about the Dream Sleeper Mini & Stealth

Campervan hire in New Zealand is made easy by Spaceships. The Dream Sleeper Mini & Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth are compact yet advanced campervan models that pack more features than a regular compact campervan. The video above has shown you its features and the FAQ below will add some extra info on that. It will answer all questions that are specific about using the features of the Dream Sleeper Mini and are based on questions we have received from Space Travellers.

How to turn off the automatic sliding door system of the Dream Sleeper Mini

The Dream Sleeper Mini and Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth come with an automatic sliding door mechanism. It is easy to turn it off... And sometimes you accidentally turn it off when your knee hits the button while driving or getting in/out the vehicle. So here's the answer to questions like:

  • How do I turn off the automatic sliding door mechanism?
  • Why isn't the automatic sliding door mechanism working anymore?

Below, you will see a photo of the button location to be able to switch the automatic doors off. This will then let you open and close the doors manually. The button is located down by the cigarette lighter underneath the stereo in the middle of dashboard the Dream Sleeper Mini or Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth campervan.

Location of the automatic sliding door mechanism in Dream Sleeper Mini

Location of the automatic sliding door mechanism in Dream Sleeper Mini


Can I make the Dream Sleeper Mini self-contained by adding a toilet?

Sorry no, you can't. Being certified self-contained is more than just having a toilet on board. The Dream Sleeper Mini and Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth cannot be made self-contained. If you prefer to travel in a self-contained campervan please check out our Beta 2S Self-Contained campervan or the Beta 2S Stealth Self-Contained campervan. Those are the only self-contained campervans in the Spaceships New Zealand fleet. 

It looks like the fridge doesn't work. How to fix it?

It might be that you have accidentally knocked the second switch inside. If you go in the sliding door through the driver's side and have a look out towards the rear of the van, on the side, there is a small red switch which is also to control the fridge. Try this and hopefully it will get the fridge working.

Does the Dream Sleeper Mini come with a rear awning?

The rear awning - which is included with all Spaceships campervans EXCEPT the Dream Sleeper Mini & Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth - cannot be used on the Dream Sleeper range of campervans. Therefore, the Dream Sleeper campervans do not have a rear awning included. The set-up of the vehicle is completely different so the rear awning cannot be used and isn't included.

It also means that the bed of the Dream Sleeper Minis cannot be extended outwards, like on the other Spaceships campervans.

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Reasons to hire a Dream Sleeper Mini campervan

  • A fixed and fully-equipped kitchen at the back. No need to set it up.
  • Bigger fridge than in other Spaceships campervans.
  • Swivelling front seats to create an internal seating area.
  • 4x USB ports for charging small electronic devices.
  • Mosquito nets are included for free
  • Good fuel economy

5 reasons to travel in a Dream Sleeper Mini

  1. Even more features, for instance 4x USB ports (next to the bed) for charging electronic devices like smartphones or cameras.
  2. Modern dashboard system with a great sounding stereo system, Bluetooth, a big display to show what is happening behind you when reversing (rearview camera built-in).
  3. Fully-equipped kitchen with handy drawers and storage space. And a bigger fridge than in any other Spaceships campervan.
  4. Fluffy bedding & linen included. It’ll keep you warm, even on colder nights.
  5. Unlimited kilometres & being able to drop off at another depot (no extra fees)

Before you start your road trip

The basics are of course the same. It’s all about familiarizing yourself with the vehicle before you drive off. And doing some simple checks and making some adjustments.

  • Make sure the seat is set correctly, so you’re in a comfortable driving position.
  • Adjust the mirrors so can see beside you and see any traffic that is near or around you. Don’t forget the rear-view mirror. Even though the Dream Sleeper Mini is equipped with a rear-view camera, you still need to adjust the mirror so you can see behind the vehicle when you back up. The camera is just an extra tool to make backing up easier for you, it isn’t a replacement of the rear-view mirror.
  • The Dream Sleeper Mini also has automatic transmission, just like the other Spaceships campervans. If you’re not used to this, you’ll see in this video how easy it is to use.
  • Do a check on items like lights, windscreen wipers and more, are all working before you start the engine.

Using the cooking gear

The Dream Sleeper Mini is the only Spaceships campervan that comes with a fully-equipped kitchen at the back of the vehicle. It has a stainless-steel bench, a sink and running water, making it even easier to create yummy meals.

Of course, it also comes with:

  • Gas cooker (on an easy-to-use extendable tray)
  • Pans, kettle, cutting board and utensils
  • Plates, forks, knives and spoons
  • Cups and mugs so you can enjoy a good coffee or tea in the morning and a nice wine in the evening.

Sleeping in the Dream Sleeper Mini campervan

The Dream Sleeper Mini probably has the easiest bed set-up of all Spaceships. It’s a matter of swivelling the front seats and pulling out the storage cover, which is part of the 2.20-meter-long bed. The video will show you exactly how to do this. It isn’t that hard, you just need to know what lever to push and how to do this and that.

As the bed is 2.20 metres long even tall European travellers can sleep comfortably in it with the boot closed. You'll sleep fully inside. And as mosquito nets are included you can leave the windows open on those warm summer nights.

The linen is all tucked away under the bed. It comes in a big canvas bag that can double as a laundry bag. Simply put your dirty clothes in the bag and take it to a laundry place wherever you are camping. Either holiday parks have facilities like that or the town nearby has it. Our free travel app will also show you info like that.

Please note: the Dream Sleeper Mini doesn’t have a rear awing due to the way the kitchen set up. You can’t extend the bed outwards like on other Spaceships.

Mechanical tips like replacing a tyre

Just like any rental car or campervan, it is highly recommended to check certain mechanical items when on a long road trip. The video will show you how to:

  • Check the oil level
  • Water or coolant level
  • Tyre pressure so you’ll know it’s at the recommended pressure. That way you'll have a safe and more economical road trip.

Ready for your #spaceshipsroadtrip

As the Dream Sleeper Mini has more & different features than the other Spaceships campervans, we recommend watching this video several times. Or bookmark this page or add the instructional video to the playlist of your favourite videos.

Then you’ll really know why this campervan is our advanced and top-of-the-line model. It still is an easy to use and easy to drive campervan. Just like all Spaceships it drives like a good car and sleeps like a campervan. But the layout is different from the rest of our fleet and the features are in a different place. Even if you have driven and camped in a Spaceships before, do watch this instructional video.

It definitely is an amazing vehicle. Perfect for travellers looking for more advanced features. Ideal for couples or newlyweds on their honeymoon. Anyone looking for a more glamorous way of exploring New Zealand.