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How to get the NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free

NZ Frenzy is the ultimate New Zealand guidebook if you want to explore New Zealand's remote and untouched places. It offers more off the beaten track tips than any other New Zealand guidebook.

As a Spaceships campervan is the ultimate vehicle to explore New Zealand we're giving you 2 NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free when you hire a Spaceship. You'll get a North Island and a South Island e-book. That's a saving of $40, money that you can keep to spend on fun stuff on your road trip.

NZ Frenzy is the ultimate New Zealand guidebook

The NZ Frenzy guidebook has detailed information on those secret and mostly free spots that are not in brochures or other travel guidebooks.

Scott Cook is the author of the NZ Frenzy guidebook. He spent more than 900 days in a campervan exploring New Zealand finding these unique places. He is a photographer and guidebook author; that's all he does. There's no better person to show you New Zealand off-the-beaten-path than Scott Cook.

When Scott arrived in New Zealand some years ago, he wanted to buy a guidebook packed with local knowledge. Unfortunately, there wasn't a New Zealand guidebook that he was happy with. Therefore, he simply started travelling through New Zealand and created a guidebook. That became the NZ Frenzy guidebook.

As we love his New Zealand guidebook, we will add two free NZ Frenzy guidebooks to every Spaceships New Zealand booking! That's 2 e-books (PDF), one for exploring the North Island and one for exploring the South Island.

Get NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free as e-book with your campervan booking

Get NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free as e-book with your campervan booking

NZ Frenzy North Island (sneak preview)

Wondering what to expect from the NZ Frenzy North Island edition? Here's a quick overview of the things you will discover when you start using this amazing guidebook. Author Scott Cook will help you to get off the beaten path. Check it out.

  • How to get to the Mermaid Pool Of Matapouri (a local secret)
  • Where to find a secret hot pool in the middle of the North Island
  • How to find a gorgeous camping bay with a secret

And lots more. Scott Cook is the master in finding hidden gems and amazing local secrets. All you need to find 'em is the NZ Frenzy North Island edition, which you'll get for free as a Spaceships customer.

NZ Frenzy South Island (sneak preview)

The most amazing and secret places (yes there are still secret things to see) on the South Island are exposed in the NZ Frenzy South Island edition. To give you an idea of what to expect.

  • The coordinates and how to get to NZ’s finest slot canyon
  • Where to find a hidden beach cove with shade trees and peace ‘and quiet on the shoreline of one of the world’s most beautiful lakes
  • How to get to a 35m-ish fall that is one of the Haast’s secrets

But there's so much more. We don't want to give away all of Scott Cook's secrets now. Just book your Spaceships campervan and you'll receive the NZ Frenzy South Island edition as well. You'll be exploring the hidden gems of New Zealand soon!

How to get the full version of the NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free

Wow, that sounds good, aye. How about getting the full version of NZ Frenzy for free? Simply, book a Spaceships campervan and we'll email you the full version as PDF. That's the 250-page North Island guidebook and the 250-page South Island NZ Frenzy guidebook for free (total value $40). We'll email these once your Spaceships campervan is booked and confirmed, so you can start planning your New Zealand road trip before you arrive.

This is why you need these Frenzy guidebooks!

The NZ Frenzy guidebook for both Islands provides 

  • Exact directions and images to uncrowded places
  • Information on natural places that are FREE
  • Off-the-beaten-track secret places
  • Deserted beaches and swimming holes
  • Secret sea cave tunnels, epic golden and white sand beaches
  • Hidden waterfalls and rope swings
  • Free natural hot springs
  • ... And lot's more

Book a Spaceship and get these guidebooks for free. You'll get the NZ Frenzy North Island and the NZ Frenzy South Island as e-books. It contains heaps of unique info you won't find in any other travel book. And as it's an e-book it won't add extra weight to your luggage.

Where can I find my copy of the free NZ Frenzy guidebook?

Spaceships provide all Space Travellers aka customers with a free copy of the NZ Frenzy guidebooks, one for the North Island and one for the South Island. You'll receive an email with the download link a few days to a few weeks after your booking is confirmed. It's an automated process, our smart NZ Frenzy email system sends them out based on booking date and pick-up date, so you'll have plenty of time to plan your NX road trip. 

If you haven't received it yet or if you have made a last-minute booking, please contact us via email and we'll check your booking and (re)send the email.

We're taking NZ Frenzy to the next level

The NZ Frenzy e-books are great for planning your New Zealand road trip. Author Scott Cook will take you to amazing & remote places in NZ, places that other guidebooks don't even mention. But there are more tools to help you plan your road trip:

  • ExperienceNZ is a new activity experience platform to find and book amazing activities in New Zealand. Find activities, grab a bargain and book it! Easy as.
  • Download these free camping & travel apps (for Android & Apple) to find all campsites in New Zealand, from free to budget and other paid campsites for non-self-contained and self-contained campervans. Plus get heaps of info about where to find petrol stations, grocery stores, things to do for free like hikes and much more.
  • Our travel blog is packed with tips & tricks to make your road trip easier, like suggested itineraries, the best routes for exploring the North Island and South Island (where to stop), where to camp, what to do and so much more.

By using these apps and tools that we offer you for free, you'll be ready to get the most out of your New Zealand road trip. There's so much to do and see. Start planning and get ready for a great #SpaceshipsRoadTrip.