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Optional campervan accessories for hire

Camping in New Zealand is a great way to see the real New Zealand. There are lots of different campsites in New Zealand from New Zealand Holiday Parks to Department of Conservation (DOC) campsites. Your Spaceship will get you to all these awesome places. It drives like a regular car while it sleeps like a camper. It's an easy and fun way to explore New Zealand. To make your road trip even more relaxed we have various campervan accessories for hire or purchase.


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Spaceships campervans come with more included for free

  • NZ Frenzy guidebooks (PDF eBooks)
  • Basic Insurance with 3rd party cover (more info)
  • 24-hours roadside service
  • After-hours pick-up and drop-off (more details)
  • Cooking gear: pans, plates, cups, utensils, cutlery and more
  • Sleeping gear: comfy mattress, sheets, pillows, fluffy duvet

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Overview of the campervan accessories for hire

We have a wide variety of campervan accessories for you to choose from. All items that will make your life on the road easier. Check out our accessories for hire.

All-In-One Accessory Pack: $195

The new all-in-one accessory pack includes our most popular accessories at a special discounted price.

  • 1x Camping table @ $35
  • 2x Foldable camping chairs @ $40
  • 1x Mosquito/bug nets @ $50
  • 1x Solar shower @ $25
  • 1x Chiller bag @ $10
  • 1x Extra set of sheets (bed linen) @ $20
  • 1x Set of 2 towels - 1350 x 700 cm @ $20
  • 1x Set of 4 gas canisters @ $18
  • 1x Sunshade @ $50
    TOTAL VALUE: $268

The value of this awesome accessory pack is $268 but you can add it to your booking for just $195, which is 27% cheaper than purchasing these items separately. Save big and make your life on the road easier.

Linen Pack - Full Set of Extra Linen & Towels: $90

  • Full set of extra bed linen: duvet cover, sheets & pillow covers
  • Set of 2 towels (1350 x 700 cm)

Speedy Return Pack: $99

This pack is ideal if you don’t want to clean your car on or wait in line on the day of drop-off. The Speedy Return Pack includes:

  • Easy & relaxed return of the campervan: just drop it and go. No waiting at the depot when returning the campervan..
  • Free transfer to the airport or city (Auckland or Christchurch)
  • No need to clean or wash the campervan yourself, a complete clean of your vehicle included (just remove your stuff and any rubbish or food)*

* note: if you have hired a self-contained campervan, you will still need to empty and clean the toilet. This isn't included in the Speedy Return Pack!

Sunshade (replacing the classic side awning): $50

A sunshade is a great way to extend the outdoor space of your campervan. Attach it to the back to create an even bigger, covered cooking area. Complete flexibility as our sunshade (side awning) is versatile.

The sunshade can be used with all Spaceships vehicle categories, More info about how to use it.

Mosquito/bug nets (window covers): $50

Our Dream Sleeper Mini campervan comes with super handy mosquito nets included (yes that is correct, mosquito nets are included for free when your hire a Dream Sleeper Mini). Simply attach them to the outside of the sliding doors and you can keep the windows (partly) open at night. Fresh New Zealand air can come in and mosquitos and sandflies stay out. These nets have magnetic dots to attach and remove in a few seconds without damaging the vehicle.

And now we have these mosquito nets available as an optional accessory for the rest of the Spaceships New Zealand fleet. Add them to your booking for $50, fixed fee per hire.

GPS / SatNav: $9 per day (capped at $252 per hire)

Don’t get lost out there. Hire a SatNav / Global Position System (GPS). This is a great value and is capped at a maximum for longer rentals.

Whether travelling alone or with mates, there's always a friendly voice telling you where to go. You never have to wonder where the closest supermarket or petrol station is. Your GPS unit will tell you. And for couples, it's good to know that arguing about the map and which way to go is now a thing of the past.

Our GPS / SatNav for hire are all TomTom units that are easy to use. Just as easy as the one you use at home. And the biggest advantage vs using Google Maps is that it doesn't cost you any mobile data or roaming charges. Let our SatNav unit take you to all the amazing places New Zealand has to offer.

Charge Your Gadgets Pack with the 240-volt mains plug: $40

Can't travel without your gadgets? Hey, we totally understand. A laptop, smartphone, hairdryer and hair straightener are necessities of modern life for us. We do understand the importance of 240-volt.

Therefore, we've added the 240-volt mains plug to our list of campervan accessories. It will keep your gadgets powered up. It's a quality plug with built-in safety features and can be used at powered campsites along the way.

Only $40 flat fee per hire, which is cheap as chips. Hiring a mains plug on a campground or holiday park will cost you $20 per day. Get it at Spaceships for only $40 per hire.

Please note: the mains plug is an extension cable that connects to a powered campsite. You simply plug in your gadget(s) at the other end. Therefore you can only use this cable when staying at powered campsites. This cable DOES NOT connect to your Spaceship campervan! Spaceships don't need to be plugged in.

Optional summer Accessories: make the most of summer

Summertime is a great time to explore New Zealand by campervan. These optional accessories will make your summer road trip even easier or more relaxed. Enjoy the Kiwi sunshine, but make sure to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays. Always slip (on clothing to protect your skin), slop (on some sunscreen), slap (on a hat) and wrap (wear sunglasses to protect your eyes).

Wide range of optional accessories to choose from

Wide range of optional accessories to choose from

Table and chairs combo: $60

No more sitting on the (wet) grass or on dirt. Our table and chairs combo provides you with 1 table and 2 chairs. Simply fold/unfold and it's time to relax. Perfect for every moment of the day. This is our most popular combo and saves you $15 off the regular chair and table prices.

  • Camping table: $35 (each)
  • Chair: $20 (each)
  • Table & Chairs combo (2x chairs + 1x table): $60 (package deal)

Wherever you go or no matter the time of day, simply unfold these chairs and table for a nice and quiet breakfast, lunch or dinner... Or just unfold the chair to have a cold beer as soon as you arrive at the campsite.

Sizzling Summer Pack: all in one for just $90

The summer pack provides you with all the campervan accessories that are important in summer. Our summer pack consists of:

  • 1x Table and 2x chairs combo for those late-morning summer breakfasts or those gazing at the sunset sessions with a glass of wine and some cheese (summer love is in the air)\
  • 1x Solar shower for a refreshing start of the day
  • 1x Chiller bag to keep drinks cool on a hike

You'll save $20 by going for the Sizzling Summer Pack. Check out the price list for each item in the combo deal:

  • 1x camping table: $35
  • 2x chair: $40 ($20 per chair)
  • 1x solar shower: $25
  • 1x chiller bag: $10
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What is a solar shower? How does it work?

The solar shower (hire it separately or as part of the Summer Pack), is a lightweight bag made from non-toxic PVC. It can contain 20 litres of water. Fill it up and leave the bag in direct sunlight. The special material of the bag warms up the water. Hang the solar shower on the branch of a tree or on the tailgate of your Spaceship. Release the water and it's shower time. Easy as.

Optional winter accessories: stay warm on cold(er) days

Winter is the best time to explore New Zealand if you prefer to travel in the cheapest & most quiet season. You will experience the winter sun during the day and more chilly or even frosty nights, all depending on where you decide to go on your NZ road trip: the winterless North in the North Island or to the south of the South Island to experience the New Zealand winter.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, your Spaceships campervan will keep you warm. Our campervans have better insulation than campervans based on a van or mini-van model. Thatis the power of the Toyota Estima, the car model all Spaceships campervans are based on.

Stay warm in winter with these optional accessories for your campervan road trip

Stay warm in winter with these optional accessories for your campervan road trip

Winter Warmer Pack: stay warm for just $50 (fixed rate per hire)

This Winter Warmer Pack consists of campervan accessories that will keep you warm on those chilly New Zealand winter evenings/nights. Here's what's in this winter pack:

  • 2x hot water bottles (hotties)
  • 1x Thermos for hot tea, coffee or soup wherever you go
  • Extra duvet, snuggle up with this fluffy and warm duvet (and the one that's already in your campervan)
  • 3x Extra gas canisters to heat some more soup or water for the hot water bottles

Hiring a campervan in winter is cheap and heaps of fun. Plus, there are fewer people on the road.

Heater Pack [discontinued]

The heater pack is no longer available. We recommend adding the Winter Warmer Pack to your booking. The great insulation capabilities of the Toyota Estima combined with that extra duvet from the Winter Warmer Pack will keep you warm on colder South Island nights (in winter).

Snow chains: $80 (fixed rate per hire)

Do you need snow chains when hiring a campervan in winter? Well, that depends. June, July and August are the winter months in New Zealand. However, winter in New Zealand isn't as icy and snowy as you might expect. Most of the popular motorways on South Island won't be affected by the winter weather. Unless there are severe weather conditions of course.

Snow chains are available as an optional accessory. However, you probably will only need them when going to the ski fields or when driving on less popular roads in the deep south of the South Island or when going to some of the more remote ski fields in the South Island.

How to add snow chains to your booking... As we have a limited amount of snow chains they are only available on request (not via the Online Check-in Portal). Just contact us and ask if snow chains are available for your road trip. Our friendly crew can also advise you whether snow chains are necessary for your trip.

If you decide to hire snow chains, please make sure to fit them properly when it is necessary. Check out this how-to fit snow chains info if you are not sure how to use them. Tip: always check the road & weather conditions before you start a new day of roadtripping or use the free Spaceships camping & travel app.


Optional campervan accessories for purchase

We also have several accessories that you can purchase and over and over again on any road trip. Just as with the campervan accessories for hire, these items will make your trip easier or more fun. Have a look. You can buy these accessories when picking up your campervan.

Extra gas canisters: $18 (for a set of 4)

Two gas canisters are included with every campervan hire. Each gas canister will last approximately 2 days when used 2 times a day (for the most important meals of the day: breakfast and dinner).

We strongly recommend pre-purchasing extra gas canisters to last for the duration of your hire. You wouldn't want to run out of gas just when you're about to cook a typical New Zealand breakfast (we call it 'brekkie') in a remote location.

No more eating cold baked beans or crunchy noodle soup because you've run out of gas. Simply buy extra gas canisters and you'll always have a hot meal, no matter where you are.

Two gas cookers & two gas canisters are included with every campervan

Two gas cookers & two gas canisters are included with every campervan

Travel Water Bottle by Fred & Woo: $35

The latest addition to our list of optional accessories is a unique travel water bottle. Two young Kiwi entrepreneurs started a business to create quality, fun items for everyday use that promote a sustainable lifestyle and look great. No more single-use plastic water bottles, switch to a stainless steel water bottle from Fred & Woo.

  • 22oz / 650ml
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Double-walled insulated travel water bottle
  • Carry handle lid with built-in fold-up drinking straw
  • Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours
  • Colour(s): green or pink, more colours coming later
  • Availability: only available at the Spaceships Christchurch depot.
Fred & Woo water bottle (green)

Water bottle (green)

Fred & Woo water bottle (pink)

Fred & Woo water bottle (pink)

What to bring on a campervan road trip in New Zealand?

When you hire a Spaceships campervan in New Zealand that question is easy to answer. All you need to bring is:

  • Your luggage. We recommend packing your stuff in soft bags as these are easier to put in the campervan's storage area.
  • Snacks, ingredients or any food to keep your internal engine running. Simply pull up to a local supermarket to stock up on food. Both our depot in Auckland and our Christchurch location have several supermarket options around the corner.

That's it! So what about sleeping gear and cooking stuff you ask? Well, that is all included for free. Everything you need to a good night's sleep is included. And all items needed to create a tasty meal are included as well. Check out the list below and see exactly what these free campervan accessories are that we include with every campervan that leaves our depots.

Cooking gear included with your campervan

  • 2x gas cookers
  • 2x free gas canister
  • pot & pan
  • kettle
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • tongs
  • spatula
  • can opener
  • peeler
  • sieve
  • plates
  • cups
  • cutlery (forks, knives, spoons)
Cooking gear that is included with every campervan

Cooking gear that is included with every campervan

Sleeping gear included with your campervan

All Spaceships campervans come with all sleeping gear included. The bedding & linen includes: 

  • comfy mattress + cover
  • flat sheet
  • duvet + cover
  • pillows + cover

The duvet and pillows are filled with synthetic fibres. The sheets are made of cotton.

Tweak your campervan to the next level

All Spaceships New Zealand campervans come with more included for free... But there is more, lots more. If you want to tweak your campervan further we have a wide range of optional accessories to choose from. These campervan or road trip accessories can be added to your booking at a low fee. Select the ones that you need and add 'em to your booking via the Online Check-in Portal.

You can add these optional accessories one by one or select one of the packages to save heaps on accessory fees. Everything you need in summer is prepackaged in the Sizzling Summer Pack. Camping table, camping chairs, solar shower and more. Everything you need for a relaxed summer in New Zealand.

The Winter Warmer Pack is the perfect accessory pack to keep you warm on colder days. This is the perfect accessory package for people coming from warmer or tropical climates that aren't used to chilly evenings in autumn or cold nights in winter. The hot water bottles will provide extra warmth at night. Through on the extra duvet and you'll be toasty warm, even on the coldest night. The extra gas canisters in the Winter Warmer Pack will give you the power to heat extra water or to make some more soup, tea or coffee.

We have listed all optional campervan accessories for hire on this page. Check 'em out or go directly to the Online Check-in Portal to see the full list of optional accessories and to add 'em to your booking. The most popular accessories are listed on the booking site so you can add these when you book your campervan online, but the full list of accessories can be viewed on the check-in portal. There are just too many optional campervan accessories to list 'em all on the booking page.