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03 August, 2023

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Europe's autumn is gathering, but half a universe away, New Zealand in October is rolling out a vibrant green carpet, welcoming explorers to the lively spectacle of spring. This is your ticket to a seasonal shift like no other - time travel via campervan from the crisp chill of European autumn to the balmy warmth of New Zealand's springtime.

It's no secret that we love spring. Our article about spring being the best season for a road trip in New Zealand already covered the advantages of a spring road trip, but now it is time to focus on a particular month of the spring season: October. There is something particularly special about that month. Sneak preview: it combines low prices with lovely weather. What's not to love? Check it out!

The great October migration: North Island vs South Island

In New Zealand in October, the weather offers a breath of fresh air compared to the autumn chill of Europe. Down in the South Island, daytime temperatures hover comfortably around an average of 16°C. Take for example the Adventure Capital of New Zealand, Queenstown. Early October the temperature there will slowly creep towards the low 10s, while in the second half of October, it gradually goes towards just below 20°C (see last year’s stats)

Meanwhile, the North Island enjoys even warmer temperatures in October. A trip in the Auckland area will greet you with temperatures around 17-19°C. If you point your Spaceship towards the Bay of Islands or the Coromandel Peninsula, you'll find that the mercury can climb up to a delightful 20°C.

Do a little dance, New Zealand in October is awesome (and sunny)

Do a little dance, New Zealand in October is awesome (and sunny)

Save your space credits: affordable campervan hire and accommodation

In the quieter tourism month of October, hiring a campervan in New Zealand is much more wallet-friendly. The Spaceships fleet is eager to explore the outer space of New Zealand with you as its pilot. Our advanced super-smart booking system will always give you the lowest possible price for your travel dates & route combo. As our prices are based on supply and demand you’ll notice that October’s prices are much lower than in the busy summer months of December, January and even February. Don’t miss out on a money-saving opportunity like this. In October it’s all about travelling more while paying less.

This is the perfect opportunity to pocket some savings or splurge them on adventures like bungee jumping in Queenstown or visiting Hobbiton in Matamata. And if you're mixing your journey with stays in hostels, motels, or hotels, you'll be glad to know that prices are on a downward spiral during this time.

Budget-friendly intergalactic flights: your ticket to New Zealand in October

Various major European cities are still the gateway to an affordable flight to New Zealand. Check out these round trip flight deals we’ve found via just one Google Flights search:

  • Amsterdam to Auckland from €1,176
  • Berlin to Auckland from €1,255
  • Brussels to Auckland from €1,544
  • Copenhagen to Auckland from €1,246
  • London to Auckland from €1,150
  • Vienna to Auckland from €1,330

Airlines prices can always vary, just like campervan prices, so book that deal when you spot it. The above-mentioned prices were correct when we published this article. So, sit back, enjoy your in-flight movie, and prepare to embark on your springtime adventure in the land of the long white cloud.

Saving money on a road trip in New Zealand in October to the next level

Once you’ve spotted and booked deals on flights to New Zealand and campervan hire, the money-saving game can go to the next level. There are more factors in play that allow you to save money on a road trip in New Zealand in October.

Your Spaceships campervan is the perfect travel companion as it comes with sleeping & cooking gear included. You just have to stock up on groceries and you can cook your own simple yet delicious meals. Use the all-important supermarket-food-saving rule that applies to all supermarkets worldwide so also in New Zealand: on the lower shelves, below eye-level, you’ll find the cheapest brands and the supermarket private label brands. Need some recipe inspiration? Check out these yummy road trip dishes.

Next up is fuel. All Spaceships run on regular 91 petrol so no 1.21 GigaWatts needed to power your spacecraft. How to save money on fuel is something we’ve covered in an earlier article. However, let's summarise it here and give you some insider tips:

  • Use fuel discount vouchers you get at supermarkets like New World and Pak ‘n Save.
  • Use free fuel discount cards like AA Smart Fuel (BP), Smiles Reward (Mobile) and Pumped (Calltex).
  • Whenever there is a Gull or Waitomo (discount petrol stations) around, fuel prices will generally be lower.
  • Use free apps like Gaspy

When it comes to the sleeping part, we’ve got you covered as well. Your Spaceships campervan – no matter whether it’s self-contained or non-self-contained – is welcome at 1000s of free and budget campsites. The free camping apps by Spaceships will guide you to any campsite in New Zealand.

Finding amazing free & budget campsites in New Zealand is easy

Finding amazing free & budget campsites in New Zealand is easy

Beat the summer rush: the time-space anomaly of New Zealand in October

Experiencing New Zealand in October means you're ahead of the summer crowds. Enjoy the freedom of having popular spots like the white-sand beaches of Abel Tasman National Park or the glowworm caves of Waitomo practically to yourself.

South Island in October

On the South Island, daytime temperatures hover around a comfortable 16°C in October. Christchurch, often dubbed as the Garden City, is in full bloom, making it a perfect place to explore botanic gardens and Hagley Park. Queenstown, surrounded by majestic mountains and nestled on the shores of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu, begins to unveil its spring charm. A road trip to Fiordland in your campervan this time of year treats you to the spectacle of waterfalls in full flow and the stunning beauty of Milford Sound.

North Island in October

The North Island enjoys slightly warmer temperatures in October, with averages in Auckland around 17-19°C. The Bay of Islands offers historic sites and fantastic beachfront views, with the mercury potentially climbing up to a delightful 20°C. Rotorua, a geothermal wonderland, is an enchanting spot to visit with geysers, mud pools, and beautiful Maori cultural experiences.

Amazing hikes like Tongariro Crossing in October

October is also a fantastic time to conquer the Tongariro Crossing. This time of year offers a milder climate and less crowded tracks, enhancing your chance for a successful and enjoyable hike. This 19.4-kilometre trek across a volcanic alpine landscape takes you through an area of spectacular beauty - a journey so mystical it was used as Mordor in the filming of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Witness the Emerald Lakes, the Red Crater, and the Blue Lake as you traverse this awe-inspiring terrain.

Embrace the adventure: why New Zealand in October is your ultimate campervan odyssey

From the Armageddon Expo's pop culture extravaganza to springtime wildlife spectacles, New Zealand in October is a paradise for any adventure-seeker. Watch whales off the Kaikoura coast, or marvel at the colourful spring bloom along the roadsides.

All in all, exploring the outer space of New Zealand in October by campervan is the perfect blend of cost-effective travel, uncrowded landscapes, and a stunning display of nature. It's the ideal epic journey for any sci-fi-loving, adventure-seeking travel geek! Or just any outdoor-loving traveller. New Zealand has it all and in October it’ll be just a few travellers – figuratively speaking - enjoying it all at a lower price point when compared to travelling in the peak summer season.

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