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30 July, 2021 - Updated Last updated on
19 July, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Well, is there a best season to be in New Zealand? The country is amazing and you’ll have a great time here, no matter the season you pick for your road trip. It all depends on what’s important to you when planning your big overseas adventure. So let’s have a look at the facts and see why spring in New Zealand is a great season for a road trip.

Still nice & quiet: fewer tourists

As the majority of tourists won’t arrive in New Zealand until summer (especially mid to late December), you’ll more or less have the country to yourself. It won’t be as quiet as it is in winter in New Zealand but it’s definitely not as crowded as it sometimes can get in summer.

However, this year the seasons are completely different due to the New Zealand border being closed to COVID-19 restrictions. Summer won't be as busy as usual and spring will be really nice & quiet. The perfect time to do something new, for example, to explore your own backyard!

Spring in New Zealand

Spring in New Zealand: see why it's a great season for camping

Spring weather in New Zealand

During the spring months (September, October and November) weather might be different from what you’re used to back home. Yes, the average temperature is higher than in winter, but it isn’t summer yet. Expect daytime temperatures of 16 to 19 degrees Celsius. And as always, the further North you go the higher the average temperature will be.

Spring in New Zealand is full of surprises. The weather is a mixture of crisp sunny days and cooler temperatures with occasional spring showers. The average rainfall is around 30mm per month (November) in Alexandra on the South Island and 85mm in Auckland on the North Island in the same month.

Therefore, make sure to go for several thin layers of clothing. That way, you’re always prepared no matter what Mother Nature decides to do.

Great time for hiking

Spring in New Zealand is the perfect time for walking and hiking. Temperatures won’t reach summer level yet, so it’s much easier to go for one of the great walks or scenic hikes around the country.

For instance, it’s the perfect time to go for a walk in the Tongariro National Park on the central plateau, as it won’t be too hot to walk among the volcanoes in exposed and open terrain.

Just keep in mind that some trails that go through farmland may be closed for lambing or other reasons. Spring is the season of cute little lambs being born, also in New Zealand.

See the amazing colours

There are so many awesome colours to see during spring in New Zealand. At the beginning of spring (in September) you can still experience snow. Ski season usually ends early to mid-October in New Zealand.

But besides that beautiful white colour as a left-over from winter, there are many more colours to be spotted during spring in New Zealand. In the North Island, you’ll find an amazing golden yellow colour as the Kowhai trees bloom.

In the South Island, you’ll come across heaps of pink and white blossoms in the Otago fruit growing area. Although it can be hard to predict when spring actually starts in that temperamental area.

And these are just some of the amazing colours you’ll see during your spring road trip in New Zealand.

Spring in New Zealand (photo: Pete Richman | Flickr)

Spring in New Zealand: see the amazing colours (photo: Pete Richman | Flickr)

Best part of spring: November and its campervan hire deals

November is by far the best month for a road trip and to enjoy spring in New Zealand. It’s the last month of spring and Mother Nature is getting the country ready for summer. Only most of the tourists don’t realise this and are still planning a December trip.

That’s your biggest advantage, now you know… There aren’t that many fellow tourists yet. The weather is lovely and perfect for hiking and outdoor activities. And campervan hire rates are still much lower than in summer. Or have a look at all our awesome campervan hire deals and discounts we have going on. There’s almost always a November discount deal on top of those low spring rates.

Just pack some thin layers of clothing and you’re prepared for the New Zealand spring weather in November, which can already feel like summer or a nice spring day like you’re used to overseas.

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