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28 October, 2020 - Updated Last updated on
19 July, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

To answer the question which part of New Zealand is more beautiful (North or South Island) you’ll need to cross Cook Strait by ferry. It’s just a relatively short ferry ride from Wellington to Picton or the other way around. You’ll find all the info you need to make the Cook Strait ferry crossing even easier on this page.

Whether travelling with or without a Spaceships campervan (although we can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t travel by Spaceships campervan with amazing deals like these), any traveller will save heaps of money and time by using these tips.

Promo code for the ferry crossing

The following promo codes are active at the moment for the Cook Strait ferry crossing.

Note: all promo codes have been spotted in the wild by the Spaceships crew and/or fellow travellers. They are published as-is. Bluebridge may change deals or delete promo codes without notice. Book now or miss out on a great deal.

Cook Strait is that small blue area between the North and South Island of New Zealand. It’s only 22 kilometres (14 miles) wide (at its narrowest point), but it is one of the most dangerous waters in the world.

Luckily in this day and age, two companies are operating a Cook Strait ferry service: Bluebridge (see their deals) and Interislander. Both do an excellent job in getting you and your campervan, car or motorhome to the other side. From Wellington to Picton or from Picton to Wellington, you'll be on the other side in about 3.5 hours to continue your road trip.

Your Spaceships campervan on the ferry

The biggest advantage of going on the Cook Strait ferry with your Spaceships campervan is that our campervans are classified as a car (category with a maximum length of 5.5m). This means that you’ll pay the lowest ferry rate. You'll pay less than people travelling with a campervan based on a cargo van. Another reason why Spaceships' compact campervans are so awesome.

You don't need your vehicle's registration number (or rego) when booking the Bluebridge ferry. Just select “Rental Vehicle” in the ‘make’ drop-down box. Then enter TBA (to be advised) in the ‘registration’ box.

Cook Strait Ferry info: how to find the cheapest rates

Travelling on the ferry is easy (and cheap) with a Spaceships campervan

Cook Strait Ferry ticket with your campervan booking

And at Spaceships, we have even ways to include the Cook Strait ferry ticket for free with your campervan booking. Here’s how… Throughout the year we have amazing deals and some of them have even the ferry crossing for the vehicle included. Although, these deals can often be found in our winter or spring season or with a campervan relocation deal. For all deals that have ferry tickets included it’s super easy: we’ll do the booking of the ferry!!!! No worries.

Booking a ferry ticket made super easy (and cheap)

The easiest way to lock in the best rate for crossing Cook Strait by ferry is to check out Bluebridge Ferry and the deals they offer. Or add an open-dated ferry voucher to your Spaceships booking if you don't know your ferry travel dates yet.

Book an open-date pre-paid ferry ticket

Not sure when you want to use the ferry? No worries. You can now add a prepaid open-date ferry ticket to your Spaceships booking. Book your campervan & ferry online or if you already have a Spaceships booking you can add a ferry ticket via the Online Check-in Portal.

Our prepaid ferry ticket can be used whenever you like. Simply contact the friendly Spaceships crew as soon as you know on which day you would like to cross Cook Strait and they will make it happen.

Bluebridge ferry vs Interislander

Is there a difference between Bluebridge Ferry and Interislander? More than just the name you mean? Well, they are two different companies that operate the Cook Strait ferry crossing in their own way. And they both do a great job.

We just prefer Bluebridge as they have great rates year-round. We're more than happy to explain the difference in more detail and book you a great rate when you pick up your campervan. You don’t need a promo code, we’ll secure the best deal for you for the Cook Strait ferry on your preferred travel dates. No worries.

If you like to read a bit more, check out our information pages about Bluebridge and Interislander.

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