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Beta 2S Stealth SC - self-contained & unbranded


Meet the Beta 2S Stealth self-contained campervan, an unbranded certified self-contained campervan. Unbranded means that there are no logos or stickers to be found on this campervan. It comes with all features you can expect from a self-contained campervan: toilet, water tap, water tanks and more. And a solar panel on the roof for extra charging power. Now you can stay off the grid even longer.


Seats up to 2 people

Sleeps up to 2 people

Automatic transmission

Smart battery system

2 USB sockets

Integrated fridge

Certified self-contained


Runs on petrol


Cooking gear


Sleeping gear


Vehicle Toyota Estima  

Engine size 2.4 litre (petrol)  

Fuel tank 60 litres  

Fuel economy 9-10 litres / 100 km  

Anti-lock braking (ABS) yes  

Power steering yes  

Aircon & heating yes  

Stereo Radio + 4-way speakers + AUX cable  

Rearview camera no  

Cigarette lighter socket yes  

Sliding doors 2  

Mosquito nets optional  

Double bed 1.4m wide x 1.9m long  

Bed extension up to 2.3m long (optional)  

Lockable storage 1.04m length x 0.54m width x 0.33m (h)  

Rear awning yes (included)  

Awning sunshade 1.5m x 1.5m (optional)  

Vehicle dimensions 4.6m (L) x 1.6m (W) x 1.8m (H)  

Interior height 1.2m  

Check out these photos of the Beta 2S Stealth SC - self-contained & unbranded

driving licence

Provisional licence accepted! 
As long as you are at least 18 years of age and drive within the terms of your licence.

Clock 24 7 pick up campervan

Pick up 24/7. After-hours is a free service. Your can pick up your campervan 24/7 year-round.
Book online & select 'after-hours'.

no fee

No fee for young drivers. Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driving licence can hire & drive a Spaceships campervan.

Video tour of the Beta 2S Stealth SC self-contained campervan

A video showing the specific features of the Beta 2S Stealth self-contained campervan will be added soon. For now, this video of the Best 2S will show features that the SC model has as well. The difference is that the Beta 2S Stealth SC is fully self-contained so there will be a toilet and sink, running water and water tanks placed behind the front seats (between the storage area and the front seats). See the image gallery below for photos showing this self-contained set-up.

Video Thumbnail

How to use the Beta 2S campervan: features, set-up and road trip tips explained

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Beta 2S SC - self-contained & spacious

Beta 2S SC - self-contained & spacious



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Beta 2S Stealth SC - self-contained & unbranded

Beta 2S Stealth SC - self-contained & unbranded



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Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth - comfort & unbranded

Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth - comfort & unbranded



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Meet the Beta 2S self-contained campervan, the first of its kind. As the world of tourism & travel is changing, together with the wishlist and requirements that travellers have, Spaceships started to create self-contained campervans. And it all started with the Beta 2S premium model, the first of many self-contained campervans in the New Zealand fleet of Spaceships.

Features of this self-contained Stealth premium campervan

The set-up of the Beta 2S self-contained campervan is simple yet complete. Anyone can go freedom camping with this self-contained campervan.

  • This self-contained campervan doesn't have a backseat, it has belted seating for 2 travellers.
  • A solar panel on the roof charges the battery, especially when the vehicle isn't driving. Spaceships campervans are self-charging so the battery will also charge while you are driving to your next destination. The solar panel provides extra charging power when you aren't driving. The battery of this self-contained campervan will last longer than the battery of other campervans.
  • This campervan comes with a toilet and all other amenities under the self-containment rules. The toilet can easily be stored when not in use.
  • It is certified self-contained so can be used to spend the night at campsites that are exclusively for self-contained camping vehicles.

What is self-contained and what does it mean for this campervan?

A self-contained campervan is a campervan that is certified under the NZS-5465-2001 standard. It is an official process that results in a special blue sticker on the windscreen of the campervan. Self-containment is more than just having a toilet or water facilities. A self-contained campervan is required to have...

  • Freshwater tank
  • A sink
  • Freshwater & waster water tank
  • Toilet (portable or fixed) that can be used inside the vehicle, even when the bed is fully set up.

See for more info about self-contained vs non-self-contained. This Beta 2S self-contained campervan is the only campervan in the Spaceships New Zealand fleet that is certified self-contained. This unlocks access to even more free and budget campsites throughout New Zealand. All these campsites can be found by using the free camping app by Spaceships. Showing self-contained campsites in the app is as simple as ticking the 'self-contained' box in the filter settings of the app.

What does Stealth mean? What is the difference with a regular self-contained campervan?

Stealth campervans are the unbranded campervans in the Spaceships fleet. These campervans don't have any branding or stickers on them. They look like a regular Toyota Estima car from the outside... But they are a true campervan on the inside. And this Beta 2S Stealth SC is a certified self-contained campervan so you can explore the outer space of New Zealand in a more off the grid way. 

Book the Beta 2S self-contained campervan without worries

From start to finish, roadtripping in the Beta 2S self-contained campervan will be worry-free. Our Promises will guarantee you a great #spaceshipsroadtrip. You can change your travel dates free of charge before the day of pick-up (subject to availability). The Beta 2S is – like all Spaceships campervans – well-maintained and in excellent shape. This premium campervan is ready for your road trip. Are you ready to become a Space Traveller?