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14 June, 2021 - Updated Last updated on
19 July, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

While a lot of companies recently started shouting “book with confidence” from the rooftops, it isn’t a new concept for us at Spaceships. Flexibility has always been part of our promises. So, let’s dig deeper into that and show you and the rest of the world what we mean when we say “book with confidence”.

These times are uncertain times for lots of travellers worldwide. COVID-19 and the Coronavirus are still the main topics no matter where you are in the world. Lots of travellers have questions like “when can I make a booking for X, Y or Z?” or “what will happen if I need to make changes or need to cancel my booking?”. The famous Spaceships Promises have always been our way to let you book with confidence. And this is what we mean by it.

Our Book with Confidence promise

Fact #1. You can always change the travel dates or pick-up & drop-off location(s) of your booking for free. We don’t charge a fee to make a change like that. It doesn’t matter how many times you want to change the travel dates of your Spaceships booking, it is always free. It is just subject to availability.

This part of our book with confidence promise means that whatever happens, you can always set a future date on your booking and change it again for free if you won’t make it on the new date either.

Fact #2. You can always cancel your Spaceships booking without losing your deposit. We simply turn the money paid into travel credit that can be used for up to 2 years in all Spaceships countries, which is New Zealand, Australia, and the UK & Europe.

Fact #3. If you prefer to cancel and to get a refund, you can do so and will receive an 80% refund. The remaining 20% can then still be moved to a future date to be used for up to 2 years in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK & Europe aka all countries Spaceships operates in.

Campervans at Christchurch depot

Your campervan will be waiting for you. Book with confidence @ Spaceships.

Book a campervan with confidence

Our Book with Confidence Travel Promise applies to all Spaceships vehicles. It doesn’t matter what you book, you can always book with confidence, as long as you book online on the one and only official Spaceships New Zealand booking website.

If you decide to book via a third party, for example, a travel agent, their terms & conditions will apply. We do not have any control over that. We can only make these super-flexible promises and terms & conditions available to direct customers. As we promise you the lowest price available, there are heaps of reasons to book direct.

Travellers in New Zealand

Of course, our book with confidence promise applies to all travellers, the ones in New Zealand right now, overseas travellers here in NZ and our amazing domestic fanbase. Everyone can book a campervan with confidence and flexible terms if they book a Spaceships campervan online.

This means that our lovely Kiwi fanbase can already pre-book their next summer holiday or a long weekend getaway with us, even if it’s months away. We only require a 10% deposit to be paid at the time of booking, which you will never lose. Guaranteed! The remaining balance can be paid anytime you like, as long as it’s done 1 day before your scheduled day of pick-up. We have a super easy to use payment portal that shows you the remaining balance and how you can safely make the payment.

Overseas travellers planning a trip to New Zealand

If you are overseas right now and checking the Immigration New Zealand or the Unite Against COVID website to see when the New Zealand border will open up again, we have good news for you as well.

You can already book a Spaceship online as these Book with Confidence Travel Promises also apply to your booking. Remember, you can change the travel dates on your booking for free. So even if your late 2021 or early 2022 trip can’t happen due to travel restrictions, you can just change the dates on your Spaceships booking to any date in the future for free.


Amazing South Island scenery

The most flexible way to enjoy this amazing scenery in the future is by booking a Spaceship now

From travel promise to guarantee

And that’s how magic happens in the Spaceships Universe. That’s how we turn travel promises into a guarantee. No matter what happens or when you can travel to New Zealand for an amazing road trip, we’ve got you covered. So, book now as our prices are low. Our booking system accepts bookings years into the future, so you can even book your 2022 or 2023 NZ road trip right now and pay only 10% now. Easy as.

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