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New Self-Containment Rules in New Zealand

You have probably heard that the rules for rental self-contained campervans are changing in New Zealand. Here's all the info so you know what to expect and how you can book a self-contained campervan that complies with all rules, the new self-containment rules and the current one.

  • Until 7 December 2024: rental self-contained campervans are certified according to the current Blue Certificate rules
  • From 7 December 202: self-contained hire campervans MUST be certified according to the new Green Certificate rules
  • Spaceships Beta 2S Self-Contained Campervans will be Certified Self-Contained in 2024, 2025 and beyond!

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If you book a Spaceships Self-Contained Campervan now, you'll get a Certified Self-Contained Campervan at pick-up,
no matter which certification rule is active. Guaranteed! Throughout 2024 all Self-Contained Campervans in the Spaceships fleet will be rebuilt to comply with the new rules before the deadline of 7 December 2024. That's a promise. See for more info.

Can I still camp with a non-self-contained campervan?

YES! The new self-containment rules do not change anything about camping with a non-self-contained campervan. You can still stay at amazing, remote free & budget campsites with (basic) facilities when driving a non-self-contained campervan. Your road trip won't be impacted! No worries. By using the Spaceships recommended free camping app you can find all campsites in New Zealand, including the ones specific for non-self-contained campervans and the ones for self-contained campervans.


Questions about the new Self-containment rules?

We can understand that hearing about new self-containment rules in New Zealand might confuse you. When you hire a self-contained campervan from Spaceships, we've got you covered. We'll make sure that our self-contained campervans comply with the (new) rules. No worries.

We also have created a special section in our FAQ where all questions from travellers about the self-containment rules are answered.

Self-Contained FAQ section

But you can also contact the friendly NZ Crew for tips & advice. We're here to help.
And keep scrolling for heaps more info about the new self-containment rules.

Certified Self-Contained (Blue)

The Spaceships Beta 2S Self-Contained campervan range will be Certified Self-Contained according to the current blue certification rules. If you travel before 7 December 2024, that's the certificate you'll see on your campervan. It fully complies with the current self-containment rules.

Certified Self-Contained (Green)

The Beta 2S Self-Contained Campervan range will be certified self-contained according to the new self-containment rules as of 7 December 2024. Our crew will make sure the vehicles are ready well before this deadline so if you trip takes place after the 7th of December a Certified Self-Contained Campervan will be waiting for you, if you booked one.

We recommend booking your campervan on time as the upcoming summer season will be a busy season. We always sell out well in advance but this year we expect the new self-contained campervans to be booked out quickly due to the new self-containment rules. Spaceships guaranteed our self-contained range will comply with the new rules.

New Self-Containment rules explained in detail

For those of you that are interested in all details of the new self-containment rules in New Zealand, here's the full list of what the new Green Warrant certification rules mean.

  • Water Loading System: the campervan must have a secure way to load water without contaminating it.
  • Water Supply System: There should be a system that stores and conveys water securely, keeping it clean.
  • Fixed Toilet: A permanent toilet that can be emptied without removing its base.
  • Wastewater System: A system to store and collect both grey-water and black-water safely and hygienically.
  • Ventilation System: A system to remove odours from the campervan and prevent bad air and gases from entering.
  • Sink: A safely installed sink that drains to the wastewater tank.
  • Rubbish Storage: Secure and appropriate storage for rubbish.
  • Wastewater Disposal: A hygienic way to dispose of wastewater to an appropriate outfall.

At Spaceships we take pride in ensuring that all our campervans are fully compliant with New Zealand's latest self-containment regulations. This means you can enjoy the freedom of camping throughout New Zealand with peace of mind, knowing that our self-contained campervans meet the stricter new self-containment rules.

Booking a certified self-contained campervan at Spaceships, means that you will get a certified self-contained campervan that meets the latest regulations. Guaranteed!

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Always a Worry-Free Road Trip Experience

Your #SpaceshipsRoadTrip will always be worry-free no matter the type of campervan you book!

  • Non-Self-Contained Campervans still have 1000s of free & budget campsites to choose from
  • Our Self-Contained Campervans will always comply with the current rules
  • When you book a Self-Contained Campervan, you'll get a Certified Self-Contained Campervan. No need to swap vehicles if your trip takes place around 7 December 2024.

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Everything you need to know about the new self-containment rules in New Zealand

As an innovative campervan hire company, Spaceships are committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments about the changes to the self-containment rules. Changes that won’t have an impact on your travel plans when you book a Spaceships campervan. We’ve got you covered.

The New Zealand government’s new self-containment rules in New Zealand come into effect from 7 December 2024 for rental companies. These new rules are aimed at preserving the pristine beauty of our landscapes while ensuring a more enjoyable experience for all travellers.

What Are the new self-containment rules in New Zealand?

The new self-containment rules for campervans in New Zealand are set to take effect soon. These regulations are designed to ensure that all campervans meet specific environmental standards, promoting responsible travel practices. It is the Tiaki Promise in action: be a responsible operator, a responsible traveller and takes care of the land together.

Why choose a certified self-contained campervan from Spaceships?

Choosing the right certified self-contained campervan is now more important than ever. A rental company that is prepared and has already started working on rebuilding its self-contained campervan fleet,  like Spaceships Rentals New Zealand, is the one that makes sure you comply with the new rules for self-contained campervans when you travel after 7 December 2024.

Choosing a certified self-contained campervan has more advantages

With a certified self-contained campervan, you have even more options for campsites where you can stay overnight. There are heaps of free and budget campsites with facilities for non-self-contained campervans but when you travel self-contained you get to choose from even more campsites.

Self-contained offers more convenience and comfort. Having all necessary facilities on board, like a toilet, means you can travel more comfortably and with greater independence, knowing you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Compliance with self-containment rules is a fundamental part of our business

We ensure that our fleet always meets current regulations, whether they are the existing standards or the new rules for self-contained campervans. Our commitment to compliance and customer experience guarantees that when you hire a campervan from Spaceships: well-maintained campervans that comply with all rules & regulations.

Plan your NZ road trip with confidence

Book your self-contained campervan today and explore New Zealand with the peace of mind that you are compliant with the latest standards, all while enjoying the unparalleled beauty and freedom that a certified self-contained campervan can offer.