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Get 20% Off All Campervans - Don't Miss Out!

Now is the time to book your NZ road trip. All campervans within a specific travel period are discounted. With this unique & exclusive discount deal the price to hire any Spaceships campervan is super low. Don't miss out, book your NZ road trip now.

  • Select any campervan and travel 5+ days between 1 October 2024 & 10 December 2024
  • Almost all route combos are possible* - within that travel date range - and there is no fee for one-way trips. No hidden fees!

Get 20% Off Now

20% Discount deal ENDS on 31 July 2024 (11:59pm, NZ time), unless sold out prior.

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All campervans are discounted: self-contained and non-self-contained. Both options will give you a great NZ road trip experience.

Advantages of Non-Self-Contained Campervans

  • Prices are lower, and now even lower with this discount being applied automatically when your trip qualifies (see above)
  • There are heaps of free & budget campsites in remote locations for non-self-contained campervans (check the free camping app)
  • A compact non-self-contained campervan is easier to drive than a big van or motorhome

More info about the advantages of non-self-contained.

* Start your road trip in Auckland or Christchurch: almost all routes are possible, only Auckland to Christchurch is excluded!

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A Spaceships campervan is the most flexible way to experience New Zealand

  • Flexibility - No fixed routes, stop where you want to stop and go where to want to go.
  • One-way - You don't need to drive the same route or loop. At Spaceships, you can book a one-way as there are no fees for one-way trips.
  • Unlimited mileage - You're on unlimited kilometres (mileage) so you can see more of New Zealand, no matter how far you drive,
  • Cost-effective - Camping is a great way to experience real Kiwi life. Go for free or budget campsites and you'll save so much when compared to motels or hostels.
  • Pick up & drop off 24/7. After-hours is a free service. You can pick up or drop off your campervan 24/7 year-round, no matter the time or the day of the week. Just select 'after-hours' or 'early after-hours' when booking your campervan.

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You'll get the lowest price available. Guaranteed!

Terms & Conditions of this Discount Deal

  • Valid on new bookings only
  • Travel 5 days or more between 01 October 2024 and 10 December 2024
  • Start your road trip in Auckland or Christchurch: almost all routes are possible, only Auckland to Christchurch is excluded!
  • Deal will end on 31 July 2024 (at 11:59pm NZ time), unless sold out prior!

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no fee

No fee for young drivers. Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driving licence can hire & drive a Spaceships campervan.

no hidden fees v2

No hidden fees. unlimited kilometres, cooking & sleeping gear & extra driver are all included. The price you see is the price you'll pay,

free cancellation

Free to change booking before the scheduled day of pick-up (as often as needed). Extra flexibility so you can book with confidence.

Go for a campervan road trip and see more of New Zealand!

Feel the soft breezes whisper tales of ancient Maori folklore as you cruise past emerald hills sprinkled with newborn lambs. Let the sun-kissed sky paint a canvas of colourful bursts at dawn and twilight, painting a picturesque backdrop for your travels.

Bask in the sheer spectacle of blooming wildflowers blanketing the verdant valleys, a vibrant spectacle of natural splendour just waiting to be discovered. Journey through forests teeming with life and rejuvenation, where the songs of exotic birdlife echo and dance among ancient trees.

Enjoy the seclusion of our pristine, crowd-free beaches, where the warm sands meet the cool azure waters in a quiet symphony of pure serenity. Then, as your journey shifts, delight in the changing scenery as the emerald green gives way to hues of gold and amber in the orchards, forests and vineyards - a stunning kaleidoscope of colours.

Turn travel dreams into reality in New Zealand

Rev up your campervan and tackle the mountains that touch the sky, their snowy peaks gradually giving way to softer tones and creating a dreamlike landscape that will surely fill your soul with awe. Traverse through the nation’s greatest wine regions, where the flavours of the season come alive, offering you an unparalleled taste of New Zealand's exquisite produce.

This is more than a trip, it’s an unforgettable adventure through the heart of New Zealand, a celebration of life and the spirit of exploration. Book your Spaceships campervan now and let the open road welcome you to an experience that’s as timeless as the landscapes you’ll discover!

Embark on your journey when the air is alive with the promise of discovery, and return when the season’s bounty is at its most tantalising. Your voyage of exploration awaits, and our unbeatable campervan hire deal is the first step towards a journey you’ll remember forever. Take the road less travelled - and make New Zealand your own.