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Get 30% off one-way: Christchurch to Auckland!

A unique discount deal that applies to our ALL CAMPERVANS! Travel one-way from Christchurch to Auckland and get the lowest price ever: from $22 per day for a non-self-contained campervan or from $32 per day for a Self-Contained Campervan.

  • Pick up a campervan in Christchurch and drop it off in Auckland
  • Travel 3 days or more between now and  31 October 2024

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Discount deal will end on 30 June 2024 (11:59pm NZ time), so book it now while it's available.

30% Discount will be applied automatically by our booking system if your travel dates and route match the deal! This discount deal only applies to our range of Self-Contained campervans! All other campervans are excluded, these are already at their lowest price of the year aka cheap season!

Better Than Relocation: Unlimited Days & KMs

If you've ever heard of relocation rentals and one-way rentals, you might think they're the same thing. They're not. While both allow you to pick up a vehicle at one location and drop it off at another, there's a key difference: flexibility. A one-way rental typically allows you unlimited days and unlimited kilometres, giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace. On the other hand, a relocation deal often comes with tight restrictions on the number of days and the route you must take. So, if you're looking for a travel experience without time pressures or route limitations, a one-way rental is the better option for you.

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Ins & outs of campervan relocations in New Zealand

Relocations are mistakes in the planning of a rental company. It means that a vehicle is needed at location A but it is located at location B. Flexible travellers are then used to bring that vehicle from location B to A as quickly as possible. That's the short version of a relocation.

Are relocations available at Spaceships?

We manage our fleet extremely well so these mistakes don't happen that often. Occasionally we do have free campervan relocations or $1 relocations available. As soon as they are, they will be listed on this page. This relocation page is always up to date, so no need to contact us to ask about relocations. If it isn't listed here, there are no relocations.

Better than a relocation

If you are planning a road trip and want to travel for more days, a relocation isn't suitable for you. Relocations are only for a few days, just to get a vehicle from A to B (or vice versa). A relocation is different from a one-way road trip. Anyone can book a one-way road trip at Spaceships without any extra costs of dropping off at another location.

Christchurch to Auckland relocations

** There are no Christchurch to Auckland relocations available **

  • Dates: none, all relocations are gone
  • Maximum days: 4 days FREE; buy extra days @ $25 per day
  • Availability: none, all relocations are gone
  • Campervan category: none 

Auckland to Christchurch relocations

** There are no Auckland to Christchurch relocations available **

  • Dates: none, all relocations are booked!
  • Maximum days: 5 days @ $1 per day (no extension, no extra days)
  • Availability: all gone, no relocations available
  • Campervan category: nothing available as relocation
  • Extras: no relocations available
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Get a better deal than a relocation

At Spaceships, we offer more extras than any other rental company. See what you get on our regular bookings, no specials applied yet.

  • Unlimited kilometres so you can travel as far as you like
  • Unlimited days so your road trip can be as long as it needs to be. Extra discounts for hiring longer or more days will be applied automatically.
  • No fee for one-way trips
  • Basic insurance is included, a paid upgrade for more cover is available
  • Cooking & sleeping gear is included.
  • No fee for young drivers: everyone pays the same low price
  • No fee for additional drivers: it is all included for free

See our low rates and book

That's what we call better than a relocation!


What is a campervan relocation?

Every once in a while, we have too many vehicles in one of our depots (Auckland or Christchurch). Campervans that need to be transported to the other depot. Instead of hiring a professional driver or shipping the vehicles, we may offer these campervans for rent at a significantly reduced rate, or even free, to travellers who are willing to move the vehicle to its needed location within a specified time frame. You then gets a cheap or free rental, and we get the vehicle(s) moved to the required location at a minimal cost.

This means that you're driving a Spaceships campervan from one location to the other. You'll pay only a few dollars per day and you'll get enough days to make the trip in a relaxed way.

What is the difference between a relocation and a one-way trip?

A relocation and a one-way trip are different primarily in their purpose and cost. A one-way trip refers to hiring a campervan in one location and dropping it off in another. This is standard at Spaceships as we are one of the few campervan rental companies that don't charge a one-way fee. That way we're making your travelling life as easy as possible. You can book any route in NZ, between our depot locations, without paying an extra fee for dropping the campervan off at another Spaceships depot.

A relocation, on the other hand, is specifically when we have an urgent requirement for a vehicle to be moved to a different location. This is often due to a mistake in the planning system or a vehicle for some reason ending up in the wrong location. The price for a relocation is often significantly reduced, often as low as $1 but can even be free.

But there are more differences than just the price. One-way rentals happen all the time. You, as a customer, can book it like that at Spaceships. We don't mind one-way trips and won't punish you for it. Other rental companies often add one-way fees but we don't. That's the advantage of hiring a Spaceships campervan. Relocations don't happen that often, they are quite rare. But if they do happen, make sure to book the relocation as quickly as possible as they will sell out quickly.

Travel cheap with our campervan relocations

Campervan relocation is an extremely cost-effective and fun way to check out parts of New Zealand and visit friends that you struggle to see and catch up with. If you get your timing right, we have deals going from as low as $1 per day for a campervan relocation! 

Combine this ridiculously great value with staying with some friends and all you have to pay for is some fuel and food. Sometimes we will even pay for the vehicle on the ferry. All the inclusions and freebies will be listed in the relocation details above. If you have not explored much of New Zealand, then this is a fantastic way to get out there and experience it.

Want a better deal than a relocation?

Relocations are cheap but are also restrictive: you must travel in a specific number of days from A to B. A regular road trip - roundtrip or one-way - will offer you more flexibility at an affordable price. See the current deals & discounts at Spaceships and save on your road trip in New Zealand. And keep in mind that all deals & discounts will always be applied automatically, so you will never miss out on a great deal. Simply select your date & route combo and our super-smart booking engine will show you the lowest price that is available and will apply any discounts that are active.