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Get 30% off one-way: Christchurch to Auckland!

A unique discount deal that applies to our ALL CAMPERVANS! Travel one-way from Christchurch to Auckland and get the lowest price ever: from $22 per day for a non-self-contained campervan or from $32 per day for a Self-Contained Campervan.

  • Pick up a campervan in Christchurch and drop it off in Auckland
  • Travel 3 days or more between now and  31 October 2024

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Discount deal will end on 30 June 2024 (11:59pm NZ time), so book it now while it's available.

30% Discount will be applied automatically by our booking system if your travel dates and route match the deal! This discount deal only applies to our range of Self-Contained campervans! All other campervans are excluded, these are already at their lowest price of the year aka cheap season!

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Spaceships campervans come with more included for free

  • NZ Frenzy guidebooks (PDF eBooks)
  • Basic Insurance with 3rd party cover (more info)
  • 24-hours roadside service
  • After-hours pick-up and drop-off (more details)
  • Cooking gear: pans, plates, cups, utensils, cutlery and more
  • Sleeping gear: comfy mattress, sheets, pillows, fluffy duvet

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Get a great one-way deal at Spaceships

One-way discount only applies to:

  • new bookings only, cannot be combined with other offers!
  • discount applies to all campervans travelling from Christchurch to Auckland within the dates mentioned below
  • travel dates between 22 May 2024 and 31 October 2024
  • pick-up location: Christchurch & drop-off location: Auckland

All conditions must be met in order to get this discount deal. Deal is available until 30 June 2024, unless sold out prior!

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A Spaceships campervan is the most flexible way to experience New Zealand

  • Flexibility - No fixed routes, stop where you want to stop and go where to want to go.
  • One-way - You don't need to drive the same route or loop. At Spaceships, you can book a one-way as there are no fees for one-way trips.
  • Unlimited mileage - You're on unlimited kilometres (mileage) so you can see more of New Zealand, no matter how far you drive.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: All Spaceships campervans are registered with NZRA 24-hour roadside service, which covers mechanical faults.
  • Cost-effective - Camping is a great way to experience real Kiwi life. Go for free or budget campsites and you'll save so much when compared to motels or hostels.
  • Pick up & drop off 24/7. After-hours is a free service. You can pick up or drop off your campervan 24/7 year-round, no matter the time or the day of the week. Just select 'after-hours' or 'early after-hours' when booking your campervan.

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One-way campervan road trip in New Zealand is an exciting and rewarding experience

Heaps of travellers prefer a one-way road trip in New Zealand as it allows to see them more. One-way travel allows you to cover more ground and see a larger portion of the country than you would on a round-trip itinerary. This is especially advantageous in a country like New Zealand, which has a lot of geographical diversity.

And the biggest advantage of one-way is that you don't need to retrace steps. You're always heading somewhere new, which can keep the trip exciting. You don't have to spend time driving back through areas you've already seen. New Zealand is renowned for its diverse and beautiful landscapes, from stunning beaches to magnificent mountains and lush forests. Travelling in a campervan allows you to take in all these sights at your own pace. You can stop wherever you want, for as long as you want, and really immerse yourself in the beauty of the country.

As you'll be travelling by campervan you don't need to worry about finding accommodation or dining out for every meal, which can save you money and give you more freedom. It definitely is a unique experience that you wouldn't have otherwise. You'll wake up to a sunrise close to the beach, have a picnic in the middle of a forest, or stargaze from the comfort of your own bed.

A one-way campervan road trip is also more cost-effective as you're saving on accommodation costs, which in New Zealand can add up quite quickly, especially during peak season.

Best one-way route in New Zealand: from Christchurch to Auckland!

Starting from Christchurch in the South Island means you'll get to experience the dramatic alpine landscapes, including the Southern Alps, and beautiful locations like Queenstown, Fiordland, and the West Coast rainforests. As you move to the North Island, you'll witness a change in scenery with geothermal sites, stunning beaches, and vibrant cities. This progression can make the trip more exciting and varied.

Generally, the South Island is cooler than the North Island. By starting in Christchurch and heading north, you're gradually adjusting to warmer temperatures, which might be more comfortable, especially if you're not used to cold weather.

Urban ending to your road trip as Auckland is the largest and most bustling city in New Zealand and offers a wide range of activities, dining, and shopping options. Ending your trip here allows you to indulge in some urban comforts and entertainment after your nature-filled road trip.

Check out more reasons why a one-way road trip from Christchurch to Auckland is more fun!