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05 February, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
10 February, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Whether you are visiting New Zealand for the first time or you are a regular, you undoubtedly want to know the best spots for surfing in NZ. The geography of a beach paired with wind speed and duration can create the ideal swell, but there are other factors to keep in mind. You may want a beach that is easily accessible, has great amenities or is quiet and serene. If you are looking for these perfect spots for surfing in NZ, look no further.

Roadtripping and surfing in NZ

Your holiday in New Zealand should not be in just one place. The land is far too beautiful and vast to keep yourself in one spot. Instead, plan a trip around the North Island where you can surf to your heart's content.

Surf Highway 45

The scenic highway 45 is a destination in and of itself. Nicknamed Surf Highway by those in the know, the Taranaki region is a surfer's paradise. Families should check out Fitzroy Beach. Not only does it have great surfing, but there is also a recreational reserve behind the beach that has a playground, children's pool and a picnic area.

There are so many awesome spots for surfing in NZ

There are so many awesome spots for surfing in NZ. Go for it!

Those who wish to mix surfing with other water activities like kayaking, canoeing and swimming should head to Oakura Beach. Here, you are just as likely to see swimmers as surfers. Of course, you shouldn't choose from only one of these spots. Virtually any place you turn on Surf Highway is going to offer you excellent breaks throughout the year.

Quieter Beaches of Gisborne

On the eastern side of North Island is the Gisborne District. You will find plenty of beaches that offer a multitude of activities from snorkelling to jet skiing. Surfers will find plenty of good waves at Midway Beach. This is particularly true on the south end of the beach. Midway is home to a number of activities, competitions and surf training.

Experience the beach & surf life in Gisborne

Experience the beach & surf life in Gisborne

Wainui Beach is arguably the best surfing beach in all of Gisborne. The waves are consistent, strong and have great push. Wainui may have more traffic than other Gisborne beaches, so make sure to hit the waves early in the day.

Ever-Popular Raglan and Piha

Two of the most popular spots for surfing in NZ are Raglan and Piha. They are popular for great reasons. The surfing in both spots is great from spring to fall. Raglan waves can be massive and are considered to be some of the longest in the world. Piha is close to Auckland, so if you want to stay close to your home base, that may be the spot for you. Take note: These are arguably the two busiest surfing beaches in New Zealand. You may want to look elsewhere if you prefer to don't care for crowds.

Way Up North

Thanks to the distinctive geography of Northland, you will find some of the most unique surfing on the planet. South of Ahipara Beach is Shipwreck Bay. Though you have to walk to this spot, the southwest swell is worth the time. Mangawhai Heads Beach benefits from northerly and easterly swells, creating powerful if not dangerous waves. Beach-goers can also windsurf and kitesurf at Mangawhai Heads.

Preparing for the best surf road trip

The North Island of New Zealand is the best place for all fans of the beach lifestyle. You'll find stunning beaches, amazing waves and a super relaxed vibe on this surf road trip. And there's so much more to do and see along the way.

Bring your own gear or hire it in New Zealand. The Spaceships Beta 2S campervan will be your best option for this road trip as it doesn't have a backseat, so there's plenty of space for your surfboard. Prefer to strap your boards to the roof? Bring your own roof rack or ask the friendly Spaceship crew about where to hire roof racks.

Now that you know where the best spots are for surfing in NZ, start planning that amazing North Island road trip. Surf's up!

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