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08 February, 2022 - Updated Last updated on
10 February, 2022

Posted by Marty | Spaceships Crew

The most flexible way to explore New Zealand is definitely by rental car or campervan. If camping and sleeping outdoors isn’t your cup of tea, a rental car is a perfect solution for you. Driving in New Zealand is easy. You just have to remember to stay on the left-hand side of the road. Oh, the freedom you will enjoy, go where you want to go and stay where you want to stay. But even the best rental car has its disadvantages. We’ll help you to get around these.

Renting a car is the first thing travellers think of when planning their New Zealand trip. New Zealand is a relatively small country. You can see a lot in one day without driving too much. It isn’t as vast as Australia. For example, the distance between Auckland and Wellington (south of the North Island) is only 643 kilometres (399 miles) and it will take you about 8 hours to drive it. Of course, you want to take it slower, as you want to do some sightseeing, maybe do a few hikes or walks and experience New Zealand to the fullest. A self-drive holiday will allow you to see it all in New Zealand.

Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth road trip

Explore the outer space of New Zealand by rental car.... Or is it a campervan?

Disadvantages of a rental car

Renting a car in New Zealand (compact, midsize or full size) is the same as in any country. The rental company hands you the keys and off you go. Nothing wrong with that… But that’s all you’re getting: a car. If you want to have a cup of coffee when it’s time for a break you will have to go to a café or a petrol station. The same for lunch, you have to buy your food at cafes or restaurants along the way. And we all know this is more expensive than buying food in a supermarket.

Stopping at a supermarket won’t solve the problem, as there’s nothing In your rental car to keep your foods and drinks cool. No one likes soft, warm cheese and lukewarm sodas on a hot summer day.

Buying a chilly bin or cool box then? It will solve the problem and will keep your snacks cool. But do you really want to buy another plastic item for a 3-weeks holiday in New Zealand and then ditch it? It doesn’t go well with the movement of trying to reduce plastic products worldwide.

Also, your cool box won’t be able to heat your soup or coffee when you fancy a warm beverage or hot meal. Buying a gas cooker and getting rid of that one after only a few weeks of roadtripping? There are easier ways to solve all the disadvantages of a rental car in New Zealand.

Take your rental car experience to the next level

Spaceships to the rescue. The Spaceships Stealth models combine the best of both worlds, the advantages of a rental car (easy to drive, unbranded, no logos) with the advantages of a campervan (fridge and cooking gear). The Beta 2S Stealth (self-contained) and DS Mini Stealth provide the perfect upgraded rental car experience to explore New Zealand. The Stealth models are Toyota Estima MPV vehicles and come with a petrol engine (very fuel-efficient and no road user charges), automatic transmission (easy to drive) and unlimited mileage (no limitation to your New Zealand road trip).

Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth DOC campsite

Better than the average rental car: Stealth comes with fridge, gas cooker, pans, plates and more

So what’s the difference between the Spaceships Stealth vehicles and a normal rental car? From the outside, the Stealth vehicles look like any regular rental car. There are no stickers or logos on them, so they don't shout out “helllooooo I’m a tourist”. They look just like a normal rental car.

However, when you open the sliding side doors of a Stealth vehicle you will see that they are actually compact campervans. Everything for a good night’s sleep and all items to cook a yummy meal are included. But if you don’t want to live & sleep outdoors! No worries, you won’t have to. That's the best part of going for a Spaceships Stealth vehicle instead of a rental car.

When you book a Stealth model from the Spaceships range you can use some of the items that are included, but you won’t have to. Here’s why a Spaceships Stealth vehicle will beat a regular rental car.

  • You can heat up soup as a light afternoon snack
  • Or create a yummy lunch when your tummy needs a road trip break
  • Tired and cold after a long hike? Make some coffee or tea before you hit the road again. You can even have a nap before your trip continues.
  • After-lunch dip? Don’t continue driving but stop, park the vehicle and take a nap.
  • Overslept and needed to leave your hotel or motel room in a hurry? Make some coffee, cook some eggs on the side of the road before starting a new day on your New Zealand adventure.

You can sleep in a comfy hotel or motel bed at night (check out these NZ accommodation deals) and only use the features of the Stealth vehicle you want to use.

Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth sunset coffee

Make coffee, create a meal or take a nap... It's all possible with this type of rental car: Stealth by Spaceships

Mix and match: enjoy the outdoors

If you do decide you want to enjoy New Zealand to the fullest and don’t want to leave the amazing scenery to go to a hotel or motel room, simply find a campsite nearby and spend the night there. All sleeping gear (mattress, duvet, sheets, pillows etc) is included. No need to buy anything, you came prepared when you decided to hire a Spaceships Stealth vehicle.

The Beta 2S Stealth (self-contained) and the Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth are ready for whatever your plans are in New Zealand. Both models can seat & sleep 2 travellers, so there’s plenty of space to move around or to sit. Add a set of camping chairs and a table to your booking and enjoy the beautiful weather in New Zealand. Life in New Zealand is all about spending as much time as possible outside.

More advantages of upgrading your rental car experience

When you upgrade your rental car experience by booking a Spaceships Stealth model, you will have more benefits than the average car rental company will offer you. At Spaceships, the following items come included with every booking, Stealth vehicles as well.

  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Adding a second driver is free of charge
  • All sleeping & all cooking gear is included. You decide if you want to use it.
  • Free travel guides to explore New Zealand’s hidden gems are included
  • Making changes to your booking is free of charge.
  • There are no hidden fees at all. The price you see online is the price you’ll pay. Easy as.

Explore New Zealand just the way you like it

The Spaceships Stealth vehicles beat any rental car when it comes to flexibility. They have the same look and feel as a rental car, no stickers and logos on them. But on the inside, they are as comfy as any campervan out there. You can decide each day how you want to use your Beta 2S Stealth or DS Mini Stealth, just as a rental car to go from A to B, or by using it as the campervan it actually is. The Stealth models are campervans in disguise… And you can only hire them from Spaceships Rentals. Upgrade your rental car experience today and explore New Zealand like a local. Stay under the radar, go for a Stealth vehicle.

And as always, our hire vehicles don't have any hidden fees but do offer all the flexibility if your travel plans change. It's all part of our promises.

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