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20 April, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
10 February, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

A road trip in New Zealand wouldn't be complete without seeing both the North & South Island. Each has something special to offer visitors. Taking the ferry between the islands is easy but by going for a cabin upgrade it'll be even more relaxing.

A lot of people travelling by RV or camper decide to take the ferry in one direction. One of the biggest advantages of travelling with Spaceships is that we don't charge extra fees for a one-way trip. Also, Spaceships drive like a good car they are easy and cheap to take on the ferry. You'll pay the cheapest rate (car rate), unlike some of these bigger campervans that have to pay the campervan rate.

Taking ferry from North to South Island (or vice versa)

The ferry has two main port cities. Wellington is located on the southern portion of the northern island, and Picton is located on the northern portion of the southern island. The ferry travels between these two ports several times each day. Blueridge is one of the primary providers of this ferry ride and it is our favourite ferry provider.

You can add a flexible ferry voucher to your Spaceships booking or buy a ticket on the Bluebridge website. The differences between these options are:

  1. The Spaceships ferry voucher is the option to turn it into a ferry ticket whenever you like. No need to lock in the date now. It is, of course, subject to availability. Add it when you book your campervan online or add it to an existing Spaceships booking.
  2. When you book your ferry ticket yourself you'll need to lock in the date at the time of booking.

You can add a cabin to both these options, making the ferry crossing even more relaxing.

Bluebridge Cook Strait ferry crossing

Crossing Cook Strait on a Bluebridge ferry

Advantages of adding cabin to ferry ticket

The difference between remaining in the common areas and upgrading to a private room is only a small fee. The private cabin comes complete with an ensuite bathroom and shower. There are many benefits to upgrading your ferry ticket for a small fee.

1. Relax in a tranquil environment: your own private room

First and foremost, this upgrade allows you a private space to get away from crowded public areas. Although ferries have enough space for all passengers, they can feel tight and uncomfortable especially if you have been on your road trip in remote New Zealand for a while. All of a sudden there are lots of people around you.

Private cabins offer travellers the best of both worlds. You can move freely from the public areas and your room with ease as the cabins are conveniently located on the ferry. After travelling for a long time, it is always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowds. There is nothing better than having some peace and quiet in a private area during the ferry crossing.

2. Take a nap or go for a shower

These private cabins don't only serve as a private space away from the crowds. They also come with several amenities to make your stay more comfortable. Each private cabin comes with a bed and bathroom. Yes these cabins are ensuite. You'll be able to take a nap, use the bathroom, and take a warm shower if needed. Although there are bathrooms on the ferry, you'll have to wait in lines and share the space with others. With a cabin upgrade, you'll have a private bathroom and bed.

Sleep, relax or take a shower in your twin cabin on Bluebridge ferry

Sleep, relax or take a shower in your twin cabin on Bluebridge ferry

3. Store your luggage

Another great advantage of this cabin upgrade is having a place to store your luggage. No need to carry your luggage with you or keep a close eye on it. Simply store your backpack in your cabin and wander the ferry feeling weightless. 

Private cabins also provide a place for you to relax and unwind. Although travelling is fun overall, there can be some stressful components as well. Sometimes it is nice to calm down and find some quiet space to relax. While ferries can be calm, the crowds often make it difficult to relax. With a private cabin upgrade, you'll have your own space to do whatever you want.

4. Good night's sleep

You'll enjoy the biggest advantage of a cabin upgrade on the ferry if you plan your trip smart. If you go for the night ferry to go from Wellington to Picton (leaves approximately at 2:30am) you'll be eligible for early boarding if you have booked a private cabin. Then you can board between 11.45pm-12.15am. Perfect for a good night's sleep so you'll arrive refreshed in Picton (South Island) at 6:00am.

More info about the cabins on the ferry crossing

These cabins are available as single and twin rooms both come with free wifi access and private bathrooms with a shower. Single rooms come with a single bed, and twin rooms come with two single beds. You can choose to have these two beds in a side-by-side or bunk bed configuration.

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