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14 December, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
10 February, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Have you ever wondered which is the best country in the world for road trips? There are a million different ways to rank countries including affordability, exotic appeal, number of tourists, cultural intrigue, and much, much more. But there's something uniquely appealing about jumping in a car or van and driving aimlessly and seeing all of the stunning beauty that a country has to offer. In fact, only a few countries can even qualify for the top spot on this list due to shortcomings in size, infrastructure, or sites.

We won't make you wait any longer. The answer to the questions is New Zealand of course? Did you really think any other place could top NZ for the best country in the world for a road trip? The UK readers of famed publication the Telegraph have decided too! In fact, over 10,000 readers voted for the Travel Awards hosted by Telegraph this year. New Zealand is a quaint place with familiar surroundings, where sheep wander across rolling hills, people gather to cheer on rugby and cricket teams, and where Victorian-inspired buildings grace the skyline. Not only was New Zealand the top-ranked country in 2019, but it's maintained that title since 2012!

Let's explore some reasons NZ is the best country in the world for those looking for an unforgettable road trip.

New Zealand, where sheep wander across rolling hills... Or on the road

New Zealand, where sheep wander across rolling hills... Or on the road

New Zealand is the perfect size for a scenic road trip

One look at a map of New Zealand reveals this island chain's perfect size. It's not too large or too small. You'll have enough time to see all of the amazing sights without feeling rushed or like you didn't get to spend enough time on the road. You won't have to pick a portion of the country to visit and miss out on all of the other goodies. Unlike the USA, Australia, or other larger countries where there's endless amounts of driving, NZ can be crossed in a matter of weeks or so when on a road trip. Heck, you could make it in less time if you drive straight through.

Don't worry about having to old those pesky calls of nature or crossing your fingers in hopes of a nearby petrol station, NZ is clustered with towns, cities, and small stops that make road tripping that much easier. It's not necessary to have a toilet in your van either as most stops have a modern, clean toilet available too. Be sure to stop by some local coffee shops for some local treats such as an Afghan biscuit. Here in NZ, we love to drink coffee and we drink it a lot.

New Zealand is a civilized, modern, and safe country

NZ is an ideal country to visit no matter your interests due to its modern cities and infrastructure and safety. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and is a great place for solo female travellers. Sure, there's some petty crime like pick-pocketing, but no country is really free from these small nuisances. In general, you will feel safe and secure driving down the road in your vehicle. As long as you obey all of the traffic regulations and exercise common sense at all times, there's no reason your visit to NZ can't be perfectly safe.

NZ South Island road trip

Now you know why New Zealand is the best country in the world for an awesome road trip

A hub for some of the most exciting activities and hobbies

It may be a small country compared to its larger brother to the north, but NZ won't disappoint when it comes to keeping you busy. The entire country is littered with fun activities that can entertain visitors for months on end. Are you an adventure-junkie, a coffee lover, or a beach bum? All you have to do is find the right area in NZ and mingle with your kind.

Queenstown has bee dubbed "The Adventure Capital of the World" for the sheer number of adrenaline-pumping activities it offers in such a compact area. This is where the first commercial Bungy jump took place. In fact, jumps are still being made from this same bridge. You'll have access to skydiving, mountain biking, jet skiing, and a host of other exciting activities as well. Be sure to look into the famous Great Walks for some of the greatest hikes on this side of the hemisphere. If you're in need of some refreshments, head to Wellington which has an amazing selection of innovative breweries that make some of the world's best craft beer.

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand

A must-do New Zealand adventure activity: bungy jump in Queenstown | photo: AJ Hackett Bungy NZ

It's more affordable than you might think

Some people still think a trip to New Zealand will be a bank-draining trip. Fortunately, it's much cheaper to fly into the country now that more international airlines are connecting to Christchurch and Auckland. Check out, for example, these low flight prices we found:

Once you're in the country, it's not much more expensive than some Western European countries. Since you're on a #spaceshipsroadtrip you'll be saving a considerable amount of money anyway. Your Spaceships campervan comes with all cooking gear included so you can create your own homemade... uh campervan-made meals. Just stock up on local ingredients at a nearby supermarket.

Access to a wide range of activities

When you're in NZ, there'll be no shortage of activities you can join in on. There are mountains for skiing and hiking, beaches for chilling and surfing, lakes for watersports. Whether you want to climb something, walk around, or jump off something, you'll be in the right place.

Fishing in New Zealand

Heaps of awesome things to do in New Zealand, from thrill-seeking to relaxing activitites

It's where Bilbo Baggins is from

Okay, the actor who played Bilbo Baggins is from the UK, but the fantastical character hails from Hobbiton, which you can actually visit. The Lord of the Rings might have had a lot of CGI, but most of what you saw in Hobbiton was a giant set. It was a converted farm that has since stayed as a major tourist attraction. Be sure to stop by on your road trip to see what it's like to be a hobbit in Middle Earth.

When will we see you here?

Isn't it time that you plan that awesome once-in-a-lifetime trip to the best country in the world? New Zealand is waiting for you. And so are we. The friendly Spaceships crew is always happy to help you plan the best trip ever. Use our travel blog, the free online travel guide or simply ask one of us. We're always online on chat or send us an email. What are you waiting for?

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