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30 December, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
10 February, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

With its spectacular landscapes and legendary natural beauty, New Zealand is one of those countries that are ideal to explore by car or by a minivan. A road trip is the perfect way to discover the roads less travelled that will lead you to some of the unforgettable secret spots you would miss out on if you were on a tour. When you have to freedom to stop whenever and wherever you want, you discover a whole new aspect of a country and its culture. Although you can use a regular car, a compact motorhome (or MPV) allows you to travel in style and comfort.

Compact motorhomes are easy to drive

Self-contained campervans (your regular RV or motorhome) can be intimidating to drive when you are not used to it. Although they do not require a special license, they are certainly longer and more cumbersome than your regular vehicle.

Driving on the left side of the road is daunting enough if it is the first time... Thankfully, MPVs are automatic and will be familiar enough for North Americans so that you can focus on learning the rules of the road from the other side. They are also compact enough so that you will find your marks in no time and won't feel shy going down some of the smaller, winding roads that are part of the New Zealand experience.

NZ explore NZ in minivan

A minivan (MPV) is easier to drive than a big motorhome

Compact motorhomes are versatile

Large motorhomes can be a hassle to drive around cities and consume significantly more gas than a compact motorhome or MPV campervan. With a minivan, you can mix and match your program, and explore every road from busy cities to the open highways. You don't need to camp if you don't feel like it. With the savings that you will make, you can splurge on a nice motel room if that's what you are in the mood for, not to mention that parking will be a breeze in urban and rural areas alike.

Everything is included

One of the differences between a non-self contained vehicle and self-contained motorhomes is the presence of bathroom including toilets and a shower. However, you can find those amenities in a lot of the camping sites in New Zealand. If you want to rough it out for a night or two, everything you need to cook a simple meal and spend a cosy night is included in your compact motorhome rental. Spaceships campervans come with all sleeping and cooking gear included

You can easily get off the beaten path

What's the point of a road trip if you cannot explore the roads less travelled? With a self-contained vehicle, you will be limited as to which roads you can and cannot take. Some of the most beautiful sites in the country are located at the end of gravel roads that are not accessible to RVs. You will have no such restrictions with a minivan and you will be able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience fully.

You can also camp in sites that are off-limits to large campervans and wake up in some of the dreamiest places you will ever set foot in and enjoy your morning coffee in front of some unforgettable views.

Amazing view from campervan

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