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Come to the Orange Side... Join our Crew

“You will know when you are calm, at peace, passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defence, never for attack.”

Yep, that’s a classic quote from Star Wars. You probably recognised Yoda's wisdom… If you didn't then no worries, you can still work at Spaceships. We’ll just teach you about all the sci-fi classics, from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to Back to the Future.

You’ll get used to our geekiness… For example, all Spaceships campervans are named after characters from games, movies or geek culture in general.

Why join the Spaceships Crew?

We’re a fun bunch that is focused on making sure our customers have a great time while road tripping in New Zealand. Our promises guarantee it. All crew members (from groomers to the End Boss) work together to make this possible on a daily basis.

Oh and we have (semi-)professional coffee machines at our depots, so caffeine-wise you’re sorted. We also have regular meet-ups and get-togethers to have fun and enjoy some craft beers (or craft lemonade). It’s fun being a Space Traveller (customer) and it’s fun being a Spaceships Crew Member. Will you join us?

Orange Spaceships campervans at Auckland depot

Come to the Orange Side... Join the Spaceships Crew

Current vacancies - updated: Aug/Sept 2023

We are looking for several people with a great attitude; practical, fun, hard-working and prepared to do a range of tasks to help our operational team in Auckland. The positions are available now and could continue until April 2024, unless stated otherwise. The right candidate could see extending past that time period if needed.

We have various positions to fill, so apply today using the form below. These positions are perfect for backpackers arriving in New Zealand who want to start earning money right away and then do some travelling when the busy summer season is over.

Be the hero behind the ultimate #SpaceshipsRoadTrip!

Vacancy #1: Campervan Depot Assistant Manager in Auckland

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit as a Campervan Depot Assistant Manager at Spaceships Rentals!

  • Where the Magic Happens: Onehunga, Auckland
  • Your Journey Begins: Full-Time Contract (Summer Season with option to extend)
  • Must-Have: NZ Residency or Valid NZ Work Visa & Full Driver's License

What's Your Mission?

You'll Be:

  • The Captain of the Ship: Providing dynamic day-to-day leadership at our buzzing depot.
  • The Idea Machine: Identifying areas ripe for innovation and coming up with fresh, game-changing solutions.
  • The Lone Ranger: Capably stepping into the 'Duty Manager/sole charge' role when the need arises.
  • The People's Champ: Mastering the art of customer interaction as you dispatch our spaceships.
  • The Detail Dynamo: Ensuring all vehicles are groomed to perfection and pass all pre-hire safety checks.

You'll Need:

  • Team Spirit: Be the glue that keeps our squad together; know when to take charge and when to roll up your sleeves.
  • Communication Wizardry: Your ability to convey ideas and directions clearly will make you the Gandalf of our fellowship.
  • Leadership Mojo: Got what it takes to be a team leader superstar? Show us what you've got!

The Practicalities

  • Workload: 42.5 hours a week (flexible days)
  • Some weekend heroics will be required based on business demands.


Vacancy #2: Pre-Hire Safety Checker in Auckland

Be the Guardian of Galactic Roadtrips as a Pre-Hire Safety Checker at Spaceships Rentals!

  • Location: Galactic HQ in Onehunga, Auckland
  • When Do We Roll?: Full-Time Contract until April 2024, with a Chance for Extension
  • Gear Up: Must have NZ Residency or a Valid NZ Work Visa & a Full Driver’s License

Are You the Star We're Looking For?

Are you the kind of person who gets a buzz from ensuring everything’s shipshape, right down to the nuts and bolts? Do you thrive in dynamic, fast-paced environments where you're part of something WAY bigger than yourself? If so, then pack your enthusiasm and ride shotgun with us at Spaceships Rentals, the ultimate name in soul-stirring, life-altering road trip experiences.

Your Quest, Should You Choose to Accept

Your Duties as the Safety Sentinel:

  • Protector of the Fleet: Work hand-in-glove with our head safety checker and branch manager.
  • Mechanical Sleuth: Inspect our intergalactic cruisers (a.k.a. campervans) for any mechanical or interior mysteries.
  • The Fixer: Handle basic repairs and issues on our celestial fleet like a boss.
  • The Detailer: Check fluid levels, tyres, door latches, and whisper to our in-house mechanic about any advanced repairs.
  • Wheel Warrior: Change tyres using high-tech machinery (don't worry, we'll train you to be a pro).
  • Test Pilot: Drive our campervans to suss out any hiccups before they embark on their next cosmic journey.

What You'll Need to Succeed:

  • Hands-On Genius: A practical mindset and hardworking spirit are your hallmarks.
  • Flexibility: The ability to adapt to changing timelines and requirements, especially during our booming summer season.
  • Driving Skills: You should be comfortable behind the wheel, as driving is part and parcel of the role.

Work Schedule

  • Operational Hours: 8am-5pm (Ah, the smell of adventure in the morning!)
  • Flexi-Days: Your schedule may vary, especially during our thrilling summer rush. Some weekend jaunts are required.

Don't just take part in journeys; ensure they’re extraordinary. Your adventure as a Pre-Hire Safety Checker begins now!


Vacancy #3: Mechanic in Auckland

Ignite Your Mechanical Magic: Become a Stellar Mechanic at Spaceships Rentals!

  • Starbase: Onehunga, Auckland
  • Duration: Permanent Role
  • Gear Up: Must be adept at handling second and third-generation Toyota Estima vehicles.

Are You the Galactic Genius We've Been Scouting?

Greetings, Master Mechanic and Connoisseur of Cogs! Are you looking for a career that matches your mechanical prowess with limitless opportunities for growth and a sprinkle of adventure? At Spaceships Rentals, we're searching for a seasoned Mechanic to join our ground crew in Auckland. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to keep our fleet of cosmic cruisers in top-notch condition, ensuring unparalleled experiences for explorers across New Zealand.

The Nuts and Bolts of Your Mission

Core Duties:

  • Guardian of Fleet Health: Regular servicing, scheduled preventative maintenance, and miscellaneous repairs. Yes, you'll be fitting tyres too!
  • Dynamic Adapter: From refurbishing our cruisers to removing and reinstalling interiors, your adaptability will be your superpower.
  • Safety Steward: Ensure high standards and safety checks are rigorously maintained. Your commitment to safety isn't just a requirement; it's a calling.

Extra Perks:

  • Digital Maven: Keep records updated and showcase your computer literacy skills.
  • Master Communicator: Work closely with our Branch Managers and relay essential info about parts supply and preventive actions.
  • Team Virtuoso: Demonstrate a keen ability to juggle multiple tasks while keeping your cool.

Qualities that Make You a Star:

  • Exceptional Skillset: Experience with Toyota Estima vehicles will send your application into hyperdrive.
  • Detail-Oriented: Your eagle eye for detail ensures that nothing slips past you.
  • Ace Problem-Solver: Your troubleshooting skills are legendary.
  • Customer Service Pro: Your knack for customer interactions is as fine-tuned as our engines.

Perks and Particulars

  • Remuneration: Let’s talk numbers during our interview. We promise it’ll be worth your while!
  • Infinite Learning Curve: Your role will evolve, offering you new challenges and rewarding experiences.
  • Flexible Role: Your mechanical mastery will also extend to administrative duties and third-party coordination.

Ready to Join Our Intergalactic Squad? 

Your cosmic journey as a Master Mechanic at Spaceships Rentals is waiting to be written. Blast off with us now!

Apply now by using the form below!

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