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All questions will be answered in our FAQ

We understand that planning a road trip in New Zealand can lead to heaps of questions. Therefore we like to make things easy for you. All questions from fellow travellers can be found below. And the answers of course.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus news and updates

When can I go on a road trip again? Are you open for business in level 2 or 1 of the COVID-19 alert system?

Spaceships depots are open when domestic travel is allowed, which is during Alert Levels 0, 1 and 2. Our pick-up and drop-off process is contactless and according to the after-hours process. That means you can pick up your campervan at any time of the day, as long as it is on the scheduled day of pick-up. No staff member will be on-site, it is an automated process. You will receive the pick-up instruction via email a day before the day of pick-up at the latest.

What happens is I can't travel due to lockdown or a change in COVID Alert Level?

Our COVID-19 Travel Promises give you the freedom to start planning the ultimate adventure without having to worry about what will happen if things change due to COVID-19. At Spaceships, we like to keep things as easy as possible therefore it is good to know that you can:

  • Change or update your booking for free
  • Cancel at any time or postpone your booking. We'll issue travel credit (voucher) that can be used within 2 years in all countries where Spaceships operates.
When can I travel to New Zealand again? When will the border restrictions be removed?

This is an extremely hard question to answer. We don't know. We would love to see our overseas travelling friends again, but we simply don't know when border restrictions will be relaxed or lifted. Please follow the official COVID-19 page on the Immigration New Zealand website for info and updates.

Update: at the moment, New Zealand plans to open its border again for overseas travellers from 30 April 2022. Read more about the plan to reconnect New Zealand with the world.

Is it safe to book a campervan if I don't know when I can travel to New Zealand again?

Yes, it is. Spaceships Rentals is a solid New Zealand owned and operated company and we are not going anywhere.

You can book your Spaceships campervan now as we offer the most flexible options. You will never lose your deposit and you can always change your travel dates, as many times as you like. It's always free to make changes to your booking before pick-up. We don't charge a fee to make these changes. It's all part of Our Promises to you.

Questions about hiring a campervan in New Zealand

Everything you need to know about hiring a Spaceships campervan in New Zealand. All your questions will be answered in this part of the FAQ. Spaceships campervans drive like a good car and sleep like a campervan. Our processes are fully digital, automated and contactless. We like to keep things as easy as possible.

Are your campervans self-contained?

We offer a wide range of campervans, both self-contained and non-self-contained.

  • Self-contained
  • Non-self-contained

No matter the type of campervan you hire, we recommend staying at campsites with appropriate facilities. There are heaps of free and budget campsites with toilets in NZ, ranging between $0 and $20 per night. We offer a free camping & road trip app so you can find all free and budget campsites for your campervan, both self-contained and non-self-contained. Explore and respect NZ.

Can I make your non-self-contained campervans self-contained If I have a portable toilet?

You need more than just a portable toilet to be certified as 'self-contained' the vehicle needs to be able to hold and store a certain amount of fresh and greywater.

Therefore we have added certified self-contained campervans to our fleet in 2021.

Why is hiring a campervan so popular in New Zealand?

What better way to explore such an amazing country than at your own pace? A Spaceship offers you freedom, flexibility and convenience all in a vehicle which is like a good car to drive. Then there are the world class attractions, the golden sand beaches, amazing landscapes, first class campground facilities, and friendly locals. Travel New Zealand in a Spaceship and do what you want when you want!

Is my international driving licence accepted in New Zealand?

New Zealand law states if your driver's licence or permit is not in English you must carry an accurate English translation or International Drivers licence that has been translated into English. This is your responsibility as the hirer. A probationary or restricted licence is acceptable. See for more info 'Can I Use My Driving Licence in New Zealand'?

Can my friend or partner pick up on my behalf?

Your friend/partner can pick up the Spaceship on behalf of the main hirer. In order to do so the main hirer needs to check in on line and add a photocopy of their drivers licence to the booking. We require credit card details from the main hirer in advance or the person picking up on behalf of the main hirer. This can all be done via our Online Check-in System.

Can we drop off in any other location apart from Auckland or Christchurch?

You can only pick up and drop off a Spaceships campervan at an official Spaceships depot. There are two Spaceships depots in New Zealand. Our North Island depot is located in Auckland and our South Island depot is located in Christchurch.

There are no fees for one-way trips at Spaceships so it is easy to book a one-way road trip. Book your campervan online and see our low prices, with no hidden fees at all.

I am travelling alone, will it be safe in a Spaceship?

You’re not alone. We have 100s of Spaceships exploring New Zealand during the busy months so there is always a friendly fellow Space Traveller to catch up with. The locals are also friendly.

What can I expect when hiring a Spaceships campervan?

Your road trip in New Zealand will be an awesome #spaceshipsroadtrip when travelling by Spaceship. We'll look after you when you're on your road trip.

Our campervans come with heaps included: unlimited kilometres, 24-hour roadside assistance, bedding & linen, cooking gear and more. And we're clear and upfront about what we'll do for you in case there are issues on the road.

We promise you a great road trip and this is how we do it!

Is there a minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is set and displayed by our mighty booking engine. It has all the info about availability, prices and minimum hire days (if there are any). Just enter your travel date and select the pick-up & drop-off locations to get the lowest price for your road trip. Guaranteed. We have a Lowest Price & Price Match Guarantee.

A minimum hire period depends on many factors, like date, route and supply & demand, just like the price. Create a quote online to see if your preferred Spaceships campervan category is available.

Is it possible to make one booking for hiring a Spaceships in the UK, Australia and New Zealand?

Unfortunately, We CANNOT combine Australia, New Zealand and the UK in one booking because of the different currencies. You need to make separate bookings. If you have travelled in another country first you qualify for a 5% loyal customer discount. Just add your previous Spaceships booking reference to your online booking and the crew will check it and apply the loyal customer discount.

How much petrol (fuel) is in the tank at the start of my rental? And how much should be in there on return?

We cannot say beforehand the level fuel of a particular Spaceships comes with, but we like to keep things as easy as possible. You simply return your Spaceship with the same amount of petrol as when you got it. 

For example:

  • If your Spaceship came with the petrol indicator at full (1/1), you'll return it with a full tank of petrol
  • If your Spaceship came with the petrol indicator at 3/4, you'll return it with a 75% filled tank
  • If your Spaceship came with the petrol indicator at half (1/2), you'll return it with half a tank
  • If your Spaceship came with the petrol indicator at 1/4, you'll return it with a tank that is 25% filled

If you return the vehicle with less fuel than on your rental agreement we reserve the right to charge a fuel fee of $100 to replace the fuel. A $200 fee will apply if you return the campervan empty or very low on fuel.

Should I use AdBlue? (spoiler alert: DO NOT USE IT)

No. Please DO NOT use AdBlue. Your Spaceships campervan doesn't need it. All Spaceships have petrol engines and adding AdBlue will ruin the engine, which will be a very expensive repair. Please be careful when getting petrol in some areas in New Zealand as there are AdBlue pumps that look like normal petrol pumps. But they are always located next to the diesel pump so you'll know you're at the wrong pump.

As the Mr.Fusion extension hasn't been invented yet, all Spaceships run on petrol, even our DeLorean, Doc Brown and Marty McFly campervans. Only petrol fuel is needed to power your Spaceship!

Spaceships campervan features & specifications

This part of the FAQ focuses on the most-asked questions about our campervans and their features.

How many people can travel in a Spaceship? How many seats do your campervans have?

The Spaceships Beta campervan can seat up to 4 people as they have a ‘customised’ seating system in the back. This campervan can seat up to 4 people but only 2 can sleep inside the campervan. A great travel option when travelling with kids (families) or friends. Now you can share the cost of roadtripping in New Zealand.

All other Spaceships campervans can seat 2 people.

Compare all campervans and find the best one for your trip.

Does a Spaceship come with cooking and sleeping gear? What is included?

All Spaceships come with the following cooking gear included:

  • 2x gas cookers
  • 2x free gas canister
  • pot & pan
  • kettle
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • tongs
  • spatula
  • can opener
  • peeler
  • sieve
  • plates
  • cups
  • cutlery

All Spaceships campervans come with all sleeping gear included.

  • comfy mattress + cover
  • flat sheet
  • duvet + cover
  • pillows + cover

The duvet and pillows are filled with synthetic fibres. The sheets are made of cotton.

Photos of all that is included can be found on each vehicle's info & specs page. There are heaps of photos in both image galleries on these pages.

Is the driving and sleeping comfortable for tall people (over 2m tall) as well?

The driver’s seat and steering wheel are adjustable, so you will feel comfortable while driving through New Zealand. The bed length dimensions are 1.4m wide by 1.9m long. We can supply a bed extension set to extend the bed to 2.3m in total. The bed will then be extended outward and the rear awning will provide cover and ventilation.

The bed extension set can be used on the following campervans:

  • Beta - budget
  • Beta 2S - spacious
  • Beta 2S SC - Self-Contained
  • Beta 2S Stealth SC - Self-Contained
Should we bring suitcases or soft bags? How big is the storage area?

We recommend that you bring soft bags (like a backpack). There is room for two of these in the lockable storage area. The measurements are:

  • Dream Sleeper Mini: 1.18m wide x 0.8m long x 0.32m (h)
  • All other Spaceships: 1.04m length x 0.54m width x 0.33m (h)
Can I plug in my MP3 player, phone or hi-res music player?

All Spaceships come with a free AUX cable (jack plug) so you can connect almost any device that contains your favourite road trip tunes to the stereo system of your Spaceships campervan. Just make sure to download your Spotify tunes to your device to save on mobile data while travelling... Plus, there are places in New Zealand where you'll be out of reach of the cell phone towers.

The Dream Sleeper Mini comes with a modern stereo system, so you won't need an AUX cable. That stereo system is equipped with Bluetooth to make listening to your favourite tunes even easier. It also comes with a free built-in GPS (SatNav) system.

What sort of stereo is in a Spaceship?

All Spaceships come with a 4 speaker surround sound system! Plugin your music device (music play, smartphone etc) via the free AUX cable and crank up the volume. 

Plus, the Dream Sleeper Mini comes with a modern stereo system, so you won't need an AUX cable. That stereo system is equipped with Bluetooth to make listening to your favourite tunes even easier. It also comes with a free built-in GPS (SatNav) system.

Do you have 4-wheel drive (4WD) Spaceships?

We do not offer 4-wheel drive (4WD) Spaceships.

Do your campervans come with a tow bar?

No, our campervans aren't equipped with a tow bar.

Can I select the name of my Spaceship?

We do have a lot of travellers requesting to travel in R2D2, THE HOFF, CHUCK NORRIS, YODA… Unfortunately, we are too busy in summer to be able to allocate vehicle names. In Winter some requests may be possible. Please contact us if you have a specific Spaceship you would like to travel in.

Are Spaceships equipped with a cigarette lighter socket?

Yes. All Spaceships come with a cigarette lighter, just like any regular car.

Although nowadays we prefer to call them: gadget-charging-sockets, as that's what most people use 'em for. You just need to bring your own charging plug + cable.

By the way, all Spaceships campervans are non-smoking vehicles.

If you would like to charge devices that need more power (like a laptop) we recommend adding a mains plug as an optional accessory to your Spaceships booking. Accessories can be added to or removed from your booking via the Online Check-in Portal.  

Is there a Spaceships campervan manual or instruction book that I can download?

Spaceships are super-easy to drive and to set up. We also have heaps of info, instruction booklets/manuals and videos added to the Self-Service section of our website.

The crew is always happy to assist and to answer questions when you pick up your campervan during business hours.

How do I set up the rear awning of my Spaceship?

Setting up the rear awning is super easy. Have a look at the video in the self-service section to see how to attach the rear awning to your New Zealand Spaceships campervan.

Do Spaceships come with air conditioning?

Yes, all Spaceships in New Zealand come with air conditioning & heating (while driving, just like in a regular car).

What size is the engine? Is it a petrol engine?

Your Spaceship is fitted with an environmentally friendly (Euro 3) 2.4-litre engine. All Spaceships have this petrol engine.

On each campervan's specification page you will find the fuel consumption of each campervan category. Fuel consumption is an estimate and will vary based on how you drive, the terrain you are driving, the average speed on the open road and urban usage.

What type of car is a Spaceship?

All Spaceships are a Toyota Estima (people movers), basically the same as Previa in Europe and Tarago in Australia. They are structurally and mechanically a very fine vehicle that drives like a good car.

How does the self-charging battery system work?

The 12V smart battery system runs internal items, like the fridge. It protects the main battery. It's like having a second car battery. The main one won't go flat. It's a closed system, no plugs, no connections for outside items or devices. It charges when you are driving and it powers the internal items when the engine isn't running.

Does the engine need to be running to use the fridge?

Spaceships are set up with a smart battery system. This allows you to operate the fridge while the engine is not running. It protects the main battery. It's like having a second car battery. The battery won't go flat as the system will make sure there's always a little bit of power left to start the engine. It's a closed system, no plugs, no connections for outside items or devices. It charges when you are driving and it powers the internal items when the engine isn't running.

This means you do not have to pay for powered sites like you would in an ordinary campervan or motorhome to charge your vehicle, saving you money and enabling you to go further off the beaten track. Battery life can be up to 24 hours depending on which items you are using. The fridge uses the majority of the power.

Are Spaceships transmissions manual or auto?

Spaceships have 4-speed automatic transmissions so they are easy to drive (we can give you a quick lesson if you’ve only driven manual cars before). They have electronic overdrive for better fuel economy.

Financial questions: pricing, discounts, bond & excess

Everything relating to money will be covered here. At Spaceships, we pride ourselves on easy to understand terms & conditions and the fact that there are no hidden fees. That way you can create your own road trip in New Zealand that won't break the bank. Check out how the financial side of a booking is done at Spaceships New Zealand.

Can I use my own car insurance, credit card insurance or excess insurance policy?

Spaceships offers three insurance levels:

  1. Stress-Free Insurance, the only option that provides full peace of mind while roadtripping in New Zealand.
  2. Partial Insurance, the insurance option that only has a reduced excess/bond but provides no extra cover
  3. Standard Insurance, this is the minimum cover that is included with all our campervans at no extra cost.

All details of these options are explained on the 'compare our campervan insurance options' page.

You can stay on the minimum cover aka Standard and use an external excess insurance policy, but keep in mind that:

  • It will only cover the bond & excess used in case of damages or an accident. We will still need to freeze $3,000 on your credit card for the duration of your trip as you will be travelling on Standard.
  • No excess insurance policy can replace our All-Inclusive insurance option. They are two completely different products.
  • Not all excess insurance company providers cover campervans or sleeper vans. Please check with your excess insurance company provider before you decide to travel on standard and cover the excess via an external policy.
  • In case of damages, you will still pay for it via the bond which you then have to claim back from your excess insurance policy. This can take some time to resolve.

Our Stress-Free Insurance option is the most popular option for travellers as it reduces your bond to $0. It provides your vehicle with the maximum cover available, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday stress-free. It is the insurance option we highly recommend!

Are there extra one way hire fees?

No! We do not charge for one way hires between our depots in New Zealand. It's all included in our low rates.

Can I hire a Spaceship if I am 18?

Yes, anyone 18 years and older with a valid driving licence can hire and drive a Spaceships in New Zealand. Young drivers pay the same low price as everyone else. We do not charge an extra fee for young drivers. There are no hidden fees at Spaceships.

Can I hire and drive a Spaceships campervan on a provisional licence?

Yes, anyone 18 years or older with a valid driving licence can hire and drive a Spaceships campervan in New Zealand. Provisional or P licences are accepted as long as you are at least 18 years of age and drive to the conditions of your licence.

What does the excess (bond) mean?

Excess is the amount of money that you're liable for when something happens to your campervan. It's the part of an insurance claim that you as the insured person need to pay.

Bond is the amount of money that we freeze (reserve) on your credit or debit card in case of an accident or damages. It isn't processed as payment so we don't take it from your card, we just freeze it. It means that the bond amount needs to be available on your card and will be frozen 1 day before pick-up for the duration of your trip.

The bond is used for the repair costs in case of damages or an accident. This means that in case the vehicle is damaged in any form or way or is involved in an accident, you are liable (pay) for the damages up to but not limited to the bond amount of the selected insurance level. 

Credit card details must be on all rental agreements and must be the credit card of the main hirer unless prior arrangements have been made. Where a credit card is not available, a cash bond will be held by Spaceships for 21 days following the hire to cover any infringement fees. You can choose the Stress-Free Insurance Option or Partial Insurance to reduce your bond.

Are there any hidden costs once I pay for my hire?

There are no nasty hidden costs to surprise you when you arrive to collect your Spaceship. Tax (GST), standard insurance, third party insurance and unlimited kilometres are included in your daily rate along with road user charges, roadside support service.

A 2.5% credit card fee applies to card payments made at the depot. There are no payment fees when you pay online by credit card or debit card. When you make the booking, pay the remaining balance etc there are no payment fees. All online payments are free of payments fees. Woohoo.

Is there a charge for additional drivers?

It is free to add additional driver(s) to your Spaceships booking. It can all be done via the Online Check-in Portal.

How can I find the lowest rate? What's the cheapest time of year to travel?

To make it easier for you to see New Zealand on a budget, we have loaded all prices & discounts into our super-advanced booking system. You just have to fill in your travel dates and pick-up & drop-off locations to get the lowest possible price on that date/route combo. Promised. We have a Price Match Guarantee.

Trust us, New Zealand is beautiful and the scenery is amazing, 365 days a year. And you'll save heaps of money by changing your travel dates just a little. Due to supply & demand, winter (June, July, August) is cheaper than the buys summer months (December, January, February). You will see the difference in prices as soon as you start playing with the travel dates in our booking system, making it super easy to find the best rate/date/route combo for your New Zealand road trip.

Is there a discount or promo code to get an even better deal on campervan hire?

No need to look around for a promo code or discount code to get the best campervan deal. We've uploaded all that info into our Super Booking Engine. It's like a mash-up of HAL 9000, C-3PO and Project 2501, 3 supercomputers rolled into one awesome booking engine. It contains all rates, all discounts and all campervan info.

Simply select your travel dates and our booking system will show you the lowest rate. Discounts are applied automatically. No need to use a code to get a great deal. Our super-smart booking system always gives you the best deal available. Guaranteed. We do have a Lowest Price Promise & Price Match Guarantee.

Can I change my travel dates?

Booking a Spaceships campervan is easy. Even if you don't know your exact travel dates... Or the number of days you want to travel.

  • Want to extend your trip? We'll extend it at the same daily rate (subject to availability)
  • Change of plans? Updating a booking before pick-up is free of charge (subject to availability)

Two of our promises that will guarantee you'll have a great #spaceshipsroadtrip 

Just contact us... All we need to know is your booking reference or the name of your Spaceship and your new dates. Then our friendly reservations team will check availability during NZ office hours and will update your booking. Easy as.

Do you offer glass cover or windscreen insurance

Yes, if you select Stress-Free insurance when booking your Spaceships, then it also includes glass/windscreen cover.

Or if you prefer to go for Standard/Basic or Partial insurance you can add glass/windscreen cover for a non-refundable premium of $8 per hire day to a maximum of $320 i.e. 40 days rental. If your road trip is longer than 40 days you'll still be covered but you don't pay extra for glass cover on these days. This will cover you for the loss or breakage of the front windscreen, unlimited stone chips. This cover includes the windows and sunroof also.

A windscreen replacement costs $700, and each stone chip costs $150 so we recommend taking Glass Cover if opting for the Standard or Partial insurance. Or upgrade to the Stress-Free optiom which includes Glass Cover.

Do I need to clean the campervan when I return it?

Please return the vehicle in the same condition it was in when you picked it up (clean on the inside and outside). If the campervan gets dirty from driving all the dirt or gravel roads in New Zealand, just give it a wash before returning it.

No time to wash the vehicle? Then the Express Return Pack is a great option for you. No more waiting at the depot, just drop and go. The Express Return Pack includes:

  • Express key return: just drop it and go
  • Cleaning of all linen: let us do the washing
  • Free airport transfer to the airport or city (Auckland or Christchurch)
  • Complete clean of your vehicle (just remove your stuff and any rubbish or food)
  • And of course, free Wi-Fi – and coffee and tea in case you want to stick around at the depot

The Express Return Pack can be added to new online bookings or to existing bookings via the Online Check-in Portal.

Am I insured to drive the camper on unsealed roads?

You can drive on most unsealed roads like some South Island ski roads and country roads. Be careful if you pull off to the side to stop as there can be gravel and you may get stuck. There are three roads our insurance policy does not cover.


Please note that vehicles are not covered by insurance when travelling on the following roads: - Skippers Road (Queenstown) - Ball Hut Rd (Mt Cook) - Ninety Mile Beach (Northland). Stress-Free covers you for gravel roads but excludes the three restricted roads listed above.

Do you offer special deals on long hires?

All discounts have been uploaded to our super-smart booking computer and will be applied automatically. Short hire and long hire discounts that are active will be applied automatically.

Questions about the pick-up & drop-off processes

We aim to make the pick-up and drop-off as easy and smooth as possible. Less time spent at the depot means more time on the road. And that's what it is all about, an awesome road trip in New Zealand. See how easy our automated & contactless processes are.

Where can I pick up and drop off my Spaceship campervan?

You can pick up and drop off your Spaceship in Auckland and Christchurch. As we don't charge one-way fees, you don't have to drop off your campervan at the same location. 

  • Our Auckland depot is located in Penrose, which is between the city and airport (13km from the airport and 10km from the city). See map & directions to our Auckland depot.
  • Our Christchurch depot is located near the airport (2.5km). See map & directions to our Christchurch depot.

If you hire your campervan for 21 days or more and you qualify for a free transfer to our depot (one-way).

Can we pick up our campervan after-hours?

Yes you can. This is a free service we offer, but it must be pre-arranged. Simply book your campervan online and select 'after-hours' or 'early after-hours' as pick-up time.

  • After-hours = between 5pm and midnight
  • Early after-hours = between midnight and 9am
Can we return our campervan after-hours?

Yes you can. This is a free service we offer, but it must be pre-arranged. Simply book your campervan online and select 'after-hours' or 'early after-hours' as drop-off time.

  • After-hours = between 5pm and midnight
  • Early after-hours = between midnight and 9am
Can we pick up/ drop off the campervan at the airport or somewhere else?

No sorry. Your campervan can only be picked up and dropped off at an official Spaceships depot.

Do you offer airport transfers?

Yes we do, free and paid transfers from the airport to the Spaceships depot (one-way).

If you have booked for 21 days or you qualify for a free airport transfer. This is only valid if you wish to pick up your Spaceship on the day you arrive in New Zealand and is one way from the airport to our office.

What do I need to do before arriving at your depot?

To speed up the contactless pick-up process at our depot, you must follow & complete all steps of the Online Check-in Portal. During that online process, you can update your details, add or remove accessories and more. Easy as.

The online check-in process must be completed 24 hours before arrival unless you are picking up on a weekend day or public holiday. Then the check-in process must be completed on the last working day of the week, usually a Friday.

Can I pay by cash when picking up my vehicle?

Yes, you can pay by cash when picking up your Spaceships campervan during business hours in Auckland or Christchurch. Just keep in mind that if you're on the Standard or Partial insurance option, we'll need to freeze the bond on your credit card so make sure to bring one. Upgrading the insurance to Stress-Free Insurance will mean $0 bond/excess and heaps covered, giving you complete peace of mind while travelling in New Zealand.

When you're going for after-hours pickup you'll need to pay the remainder of your balance in advance as there won't be a staff member on-site.

Can I get a transfer back to the airport or city?

The free transfer (hire 21 days or more) is one-way, from the airport to the depot (or from the inner city to the Auckland depot). If you would like a transfer on the day of return to the airport or city, the Express Return Pack is a great option for you.

No more waiting at the depot, just drop and go. The Express Return Pack includes:

  • Express key return: just drop it and go
  • Cleaning of all linen: let us do the washing
  • Free airport transfer to the airport or city (Auckland or Christchurch)
  • Complete clean of your vehicle (just remove your stuff and any rubbish or food)
  • And of course, free Wi-Fi – and coffee and tea in case you want to stick around at the depot

The Express Return Pack can be added to new online bookings or to existing bookings via the Online Check-in Portal.

What should we bring to the depot when picking up our campervan?

Picking up a Spaceships campervan is easy and fun. No need to bring much, just your smiley face and some luggage. Oh and your driving licence.

See for more info about the pick-up process and what to expect at our NZ depots.

Questions about the optional accessories

Your Spaceship will get you to all these awesome places. It drives like a regular car while it sleeps like a camper. It's an easy and fun way to explore New Zealand. To make your road trip even more relaxed we have various campervan accessories for hire of purchase.

Can I hire extra accessories to customise my Spaceship?

You sure can. We offer some great accessories for you trip. The most popular, especially during the summer, is the summer pack (1 table, 2 chairs, solar shower and chiller bag for $80) SAVE $10. There are GPS units, external 240V mains plugs and more. It is worth booking them in advance to ensure you will get them. For families with kids, we can offer booster/child seats. We also have a great Winter Warmers combo to package up the most popular accessories at a better price for winter.

As we offer such a wide range of accessories we only list the most popular ones on the booking page, but we do list the entire range of accessories on the Online Check-in Portal. You can update your booking via the check-in portal as many times as you like, as long as it is done before your scheduled day of pick-up.

How does the solar shower work?

The solar shower (hire it separately or as part of the Summer Pack), is a lightweight bag made from non-toxic PVC. It can contain 20 litres of water. Fill it up and leave the bag in direct sunlight. The special material of the bag warms up the water. Hang the solar shower on the branch of a tree or on the tailgate of your Spaceship. Release the water and it's shower time. Easy as.

Easy to use portable shower: powered by the sun. Refreshing start of the day.

Easy to use portable shower: powered by the sun. Refreshing start of the day.

How does the external 240 volt mains plug work?

The mains plug optional accessory is an external power cord, so it allows you to plug into powered campsites to run a heater, charge a cell phone, laptop, camera or even use a hairdryer. A transformer or adaptor will be needed to fit NZ three-point sockets.

We are travelling with our baby. Do you have a baby/child seat we can hire?

Yes, you can bring your own baby or child seat or hire one from us. We have several child seat options, so you can hire a campervan with a baby and enjoy this beautiful country. You can add accessories like a baby/child seat to your booking via our Online Check-in Portal.

Please note, a baby/child seat can only be fitted in our Beta campervan, which has anchor points for only 1 child/baby seat.
Our other campervans aren't suitable for travelling with a child/baby.

What are the requirements for baby or child seats in New Zealand?

Under New Zealand law, all children under seven years of age must use an approved child restraint appropriate for their age and size. Children aged seven must be secured in a restraint if one is available in the vehicle. See for all details and more info.

es, you can bring your own child seat or booster seat. As long as it's approved for use in New Zealand.

All child restraints must meet an approved standard. This ensures a restraint's design and construction are laboratories tested under crash conditions and provide the best protection when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

All approved child restraints display standard markings to show they are approved.

Look for a child restraint that shows:

  • a tick mark (indicates the restraint meets the joint New Zealand/Australian Standard AS/NZ 1754)
  • an 'E' mark (indicates the restraint meets the European Standard ECE 44) – the number on the circle will vary depending on the country of certification.

Or, look for a restraint that complies with the United States Standard FMVSS 213. The restraint must also show the New Zealand Standard 'S' mark indicating it is certified for use here. See for more info.

Do you have roof or bike racks for hire?

We have an extensive list of optional accessories for hire or purchase.... But we don't have roof/bike racks for hire.

But, you can bring your own roof/bike rack or hire one from Natural High. We highly recommend them. Just like us, they have locations in Auckland (at Auckland International Airport) and Christchurch (around the corner from our depot, just 2 km from the airport).

What is the sunshade? Is it a side awning?

Back in the day, we used to have side awnings... Times have changed and the side awning has evolved into a sunshade.
The sunshade is more versatile than the side awning. You can use it at the back. It's a great way to extend the living space of your campervan by creating a covered outdoor area.

The sunshade is foldable and super easy to set up. It protects you from the New Zealand sun (we have the thinnest ozone layer) and shelters you from the rain.

Sunshade to create a big covered outdoor space used on the Dream Sleeper Mini

Sunshade to create a big covered outdoor space used on the Dream Sleeper Mini

What is the Express Return Pack?

In a hurry on the day of drop off? Then the Express Return Pack is a great option for you. No more waiting at the depot, just drop and go. The Express Return Pack includes:

  • Express key return: just drop it and go
  • Cleaning of all linen: let us do the washing
  • Free airport transfer to the airport or city (Auckland or Christchurch)
  • Complete clean of your vehicle (just remove your stuff and any rubbish or food)
  • And of course, free Wi-Fi – and coffee and tea in case you want to stick around at the depot
How can I charge my electronics?

If you would like to charge gadgets like a smartphone or a photo camera while exploring New Zealand in a Spaceships campervan then there are several options:

Select a Spaceships campervan that has USB ports for charging small electronic devices like a smartphone or photo camera. Compare all campervans to see which campervans are equipped with USB ports.

Or add a Gadget Charging Pack to your booking. It contains a mains plug & cable that you can plug in at powered campsites. That way you'll have a 240V outlet that you can use to charge electronic devices that need more power, like a laptop. Note: the mains plug can only be used at powered campsites! It doesn't plug into the vehicle but it plugs into the campsite's powerbox and the other end is connecting your laptop power cable. Just like at home. The Gadget Charging Pack can be added to any Spaceships campervan.

Or you can charge your gadgets when stopping for coffee & petrol (BP, Z and many other petrol stations have charging facilities for gadgets) or in libraries throughout New Zealand.

Questions about booking a campervan in New Zealand

All your questions about the booking process of Spaceships Rentals will ve explained here. From how to book a campervan to how to make sure you are getting the best deal and lowest price. Book a Spaceships campervan is super easy and the best way to explore the outer space of New Zealand. Check it out.

Do you really free cancellation?

Yes! You can cancel your booking for free within 7 days of making the booking.

More info and the cancellation policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

When should I book my campervan for my New Zealand road trip?

It always pays to be organised and book your travel well in advance. If you are looking to travel from October to May it would pay to book at least a couple of months in advance, through the winter at least 3 weeks in advance.

The prices of rental campervans are just like airline tickets or hotel rooms: the earlier you book, the lower the price. Economy 101: supply and demand. We offer a lowest price promise and price match guarantee. Our advanced online booking system will always give you the lowest price available: the best rates for your travel dates. If discounts or deals are active, they will be applied automatically. You will never miss out!


Can I amend my booking later? How flexible are the dates?

If you were to prebook it is not a problem to adjust your pick up/drop off dates (subject to availability). During peak season you will need to give us as much notice as possible. There is no cost involved to change your dates. However, the daily price of your new travel dates might by higher or lower. But there will never be a change fee when you book a Spaceships campervan. That is why many travellers annually become Space Travllers and book a Spaceships campervan in New Zealand.

How do I book a campervan? How can I get the best deal?

Simply start by calculating a price for your travel dates or compare our vehicles to see which one is the best fit for your travel plans.

You can also send the online quote to your preferred email address. This will lock in the price for several days, which means you have time to think about it. Even if prices online change, as long as your quote is valid you can book the price on your quote. Availability can't be locked in as that is checked when you make the booking online.

When you're ready to book your campervan, simply enter some basic details (we don't require a lot of info) and go to the next step to enter your payment details. You can choose to pay just a low deposit and the remaining balance later or pay in full at the time of making the booking.

Are the online payments secure?

Yes. Your payment card information (credit card or debit card) is encrypted and processed securely with our payment provider. You can see that it's a secure connection by looking at the URL address bar in your browser and seeing the HTTPS (meaning that it's a secure SSL connection) in the web address of our payment page.

Do I have to pay a deposit when making a booking?

It only takes a deposit (first payment) of 10% of the total price to lock in that great deal on your Spaceships campervan. The remaining 90% can be paid later online via our secure payment page. You can pay the remaining balance whenever you like, as long as it is done before the scheduled day of pick-up. We don't charge a fee for online payments and you can use a credit or a debit card for these online payments. At our depot, we also accept oldskool cash (New Zealand dollars).

The 10% deposit is never lost, even if you miss out on free cancellation. It's part of Our Promises so you can book with confidence, no matter what happens in your life or in the world.

When should we pay the balance of the hire?

The remaining balance of your hire is required on the day before you pick up your Spaceships campervan. This can be paid via our secure Payment Portal by credit card or debit card.

Can I pay by debit card?

Yes, you can pay with a debit card that is accepted in New Zealand (Visa or Mastercard).

Can I call the office to make a booking?

The easiest and fastest way to make a booking, it to book your campervan online. Our online system will always give you the lowest available price on your travel dates. Deals & discounts that are active will be applied automatically.

But you can also contact our New Zealand office to make a booking. 

How do I turn a quote into a booking?

Great. You have received a quote from our supercomputer or the friendly reservations team. If you're happy with it, just click the link in the email or this one to turn the quote into a booking. Your quote will only be valid for a limited amount of days so don't wait too long. Don't miss out on that awesome deal.

Can I update my booking and add or remove (optional) accessories?

Yes. You can log into your booking and add or remove accessories, change the insurance option, update your details and complete the pre-arrival check-in.

Can I book the ferry through your company?

Of course, you can!!!! You can now add a special prepaid and open-date ferry voucher when you book your Spaceships online with us (best rates guaranteed!). We offer two awesome ferry packages:

  1. Ferry ticket for 1x Spaceship and 2x Space Travellers
  2. Ferry ticket for 1x Spaceships and 1x Space Traveller

These ferry vouchers are prepaid and open-date. You simply contact the Spaceships crew as soon as you know on which day you would like to use the ferry to go from Wellington to Picton or from Picton to Wellington. It's a one-way ferry ticket. We'll do our best to book you in on your preferred sailing dates but sometimes (especially in the busy summer season) that isn't possible as your booking class may be sold out. We'll then offer you an alternative booking class (which means a ferry rate change) or try to get you onto the ferry on another day at the same rate.

Or you can add these ferry packages to an existing Spaceships booking via Manage Your Booking.

I have purchased a ferry voucher from you. How can I book the ferry?

Excellent choice. Adding a prepaid, open-date ferry voucher to your booking is the easiest way to book the ferry to go from the North to the South Island or the other way around.

As soon as you know when you would like to use this one-way voucher you can send us a request to book the ferry for you. As soon as we have received your request we'll check availability with the ferry company. We'll update you as soon as possible, but always within 12 hours. We'll do our best to book you in on your preferred sailing dates but sometimes (especially in the busy summer season) that isn't possible as your booking class may be sold out. We'll then offer you an alternative booking class (which means a ferry rate change) or try to get you onto the ferry on another day at the same rate.

We recommend sending in your ferry dates as soon as you know 'em, especially if you are travelling in the busy summer season. As summer is a busy season, some ferry dates/times will be booked out.

Questions about travelling and camping in New Zealand

Everything you always wanted to know about travelling and camping in New Zealand. Your questions will be answered here. We have listed the most popular questions and answers about where to go and where to stay on your New Zealand road trip. Explore the outer space of New Zealand by campervan.

Where can I find the Spaceships free camping app?

The free Spaceships camping & travel app is the easiest to use app for finding all the free and budget campsites throughout New Zealand. No matter where you are or where you are going this app will show you all campsites, campgrounds and holiday parks in New Zealand. You'll see comments from fellow travellers, an overview of the facilities and more. Your camping trip in New Zealand will be super easy when you use this app.

Where can I find and download the free NZ Frenzy guidebooks?

As Spaceships customers you'll get lots of info to make it easier to plan your road trip. The electronic version (PDF) of the NZ Frenzy guidebooks will be emailed to you a few weeks before the start of your road trip (at the latest a week before the start of your road trip).

If you haven't received it yet or if you have made a last-minute booking, please contact us via email and we'll check your booking and send the email (again).

Can I sleep anywhere or do I have to stay in campgrounds? Is free camping allowed in the NZ?

​New Zealand is probably the best country in the world for a scenic road trip. As there are so many awesome places for camping in New Zealand, it is a traveller's paradise. It's safe; there are excellent facilities at the campgrounds and NZ holiday parks, no nasty animals to be wary of and of course, you're surrounded by incredible scenery.

You'll need to camp at a designated campsite with your Spaceship. You can't just park & sleep anywhere. There are rules and regulations to (freedom) camping. We recommend staying at campsites with appropriate facilities. There is a range of free or budget campsites in NZ, ranging between $0 and $18 per night. Our free smartphone app shows you all the information and how to get to these campsites:

Campings are different from what you might expect in your own country. For example, what people in Europe call campings (grassy, square areas with heaps of facilities) is what we call holiday parks.

Campsites and campgrounds in New Zealand are run by organisations like the Department of Conservation (DOC) or Regional Councils. These have minimal or basic facilities and are located in beautiful and often "remote" locations. Prices range from $0 to $18 per night. At DoC sites, you can pay as you go via an honesty box system or book online (only a select number of DOC sites can be booked online).

Should I book campgrounds in advance?

When travelling between December and February you may have to book popular campgrounds or holiday parks in advance. Although most DOC campsites cannot be prebooked as they operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What is the cost of fuel in New Zealand?

Petrol prices are constantly going up and down. The average price of petrol in New Zealand is:

  • Around $2.50 in the Auckland area
  • Around $2.50 in the Wellington area
  • Around $2.42 in the Christchurch area

See the comparison chart for the current petrol prices throughout New Zealand. Use the free GasSpy app to find the best price for petrol on your road trip.

The fuel capacity of all Spaceships campervans is 60 litres.

Travel tip: It is best to fill up in the built-up areas as petrol prices are normally slightly cheaper than in rural areas.

Do we need snow chains in winter?

Generally, you do not need chains unless you are looking at doing a lot of skiing. It pays to watch the weather forecasts during the winter and if in doubt stay put as you will be better off than getting stuck in the snow for a day or so. We can advise you on where to hire chains around the country if required – for example, chains are required by law to travel on the Milford Rd between July and October. You can pick a set up in Queenstown and drop them off on the way back up if you are looking at exploring Milford Sound during these months. Our depots have snow chains for hire.

Will we be warm enough in our Spaceship during the winter night?

Winter is a great time to see New Zealand. The crowds are gone, the weather is cool but still ok and the snow-capped mountains are breathtaking. Unlike a steel van (like a Hiace or other vans) Spaceships are insulated like a good car keeping you naturally far warmer.

We also have a great winter warmer pack for hire. This includes a 240volt mains plug, heater, hot water bottle and thermos. You can take warm showers in standard campsites (or Holiday Parks) if you are staying overnight, but many camping grounds will allow you to use their facilities for a few dollars without actually staying the night.

What are the public facilities like in New Zealand?

Campsites are of a very high standard in New Zealand with powered sites, hot showers, full kitchens, TV and entertainment rooms. When you hire a Spaceship a large variety of information is included on all the campground options in New Zealand. This includes the 250+ DOC campgrounds (some of which are free camping).The average nightly rate will be between NZD$6-$15PP/Night. Some camping grounds will allow you to use their facilities for only a few dollars without actually paying to stay the night and there are also good public facilities to use free of charge in many locations throughout the country.

Your questions about campervan hire in New Zealand answered

You probably have dozens of questions since you came up with the plan to go for a road trip in New Zealand. Where to go and what to do & see are probably on the list of questions about travelling in New Zealand. Why is campervan hire such a great way to explore New Zealand? Flexibility is what it all starts with. The freedom to go your own way and create your own, personal itinerary to see what you want to see in New Zealand. 

Responsible freedom camping in New Zealand

New Zealand is probably the best country in the world for a camping road trip. Freedom camping or responsible camping in amazing and remote places in New Zealand is a great way to spend the night close to amazing New Zealand scenery without breaking the bank. There are thousands of campsites throughout New Zealand. These range from basic campsites that are free ($0) or $8 per night to more scenic campsites or campsites with more facilities. These campsites are often run by organisations like the Department of Conservation (DOC) or regional councils. It is a great way for all kinds of camping vehicles to freedom camp in a responsible way.

And there are, of course, a lot of holiday parks or more commercial campgrounds in New Zealand. Holiday parks are more like campings in popular European holiday destinations, a well-groomed and organised area to camp surrounded by facilities like TV rooms, kitchen, washroom, hot showers and more.

Campervan hire in New Zealand made easy

At Spaceships, it is our goal to make the campervan hire experience and your road trip as easy as possible. Our campervans come with sleeping and cooking gear included so you don't need to bring anything yourself. Just your luggage and a sense of adventure is all you need to kick off your road trip.

When you decide to go for a #spaceshipsroadtrip instead of a "normal road trip", you will become part of our Space Traveller community. A community of travellers that know New Zealand like the back of their hand. We provide you with unique information in the form of a free camoing app and the famous NZ Frenzy guidebooks. All free and all included with your Spaceships booking.

Also, Spaceships are well-maintained campervans that are easy to drive, Actually, they drive like a good car and sleep as comfy as a campervan.

Digital and online is making your road trip even easier

Even before contactless processes became fashionable, Spaceships was pioneering a fully digital and paperless pick-up and drop-off process. Our advanced online systems are giving you - the customer - all the power to create and manage your booking whenever it suits you. No need to wait for offices to open before things get done or questions get answered. It can all be done online.

Online is the way to get the best deal

You can easily compare all our campervans and check prices and availability via our easy to use booking engine. Simply select your preferred pick-up and drop-off location and your travel dates to get the ball rolling. As Spaceships Rentals has two depots in New Zealand, in Auckland and Christchurch, it is easy to pick up your campervan in the South Island and drop it off in the North Island or the other way around. Especially because we don't charge an extra fee for one-way trips. It is all included in our low prices. The price you see is the price you'll pay. There are no hidden fees.

You can manage your booking yourself

To make life even easier, we have created an Online Check-in Portal to manage your booking online. Once your booking is confirmed - which is instant if you book your campervan online -  the check-in system will be open for you. Via the Online Check-in System, you can add or remove optional accessories, change the insurance level, change your details and lots more.

How the check-in process works and how to access the check-in portal is all explained in the Self-Service section of our website.

It is road trip time

Once all questions about campervan hire or camping in New Zealand are answered, the fun can begin. It is then time to prepare for your road trip and to create an amazing itinerary. And we can help with that as well. Our road trip & travel blog is packed with useful tips and suggested itineraries. It is a great way to get some extra travel inspiration and tips for things to do and see in New Zealand.

Go for a #spaceshipsroadtrip

Our website and especially this FAQ page packed with questions and answers is your starting point to a great road trip. We are always ready to help and answer your questions. Spaceships is in the business of turning travel & road trip dreams into reality. Don't just go for any road trip, go for a #spaceshipsroadtrip.