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All questions will be answered in our FAQ

We understand that planning a road trip in New Zealand can lead to heaps of questions. Therefore we like to make things easy for you. All questions from fellow travellers can be found below. And the answers of course.

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This is what you can expext to find in our FAQ & Support Station!

Info about hiring a campervan in New Zealand

  • Are your campervans self-contained?
  • Can I make your non-self-contained campervans self-contained If I have a portable toilet?
  • Why is hiring a campervan so popular in New Zealand?
  • Is my international driving licence accepted in New Zealand?
  • Can my friend or partner pick up on my behalf?
  • Can we drop off in any other location apart from Auckland or Christchurch?
  • I am travelling alone, will it be safe in a Spaceship?
  • What can I expect when hiring a Spaceships campervan?
  • Is there a minimum hire period?
  • Is it possible to make one booking for hiring a Spaceships in the UK, Australia and New Zealand?
  • How much petrol (fuel) is in the tank at the start of my rental? And how much should be in there on return?
  • Should I use AdBlue? (spoiler alert: DO NOT USE IT)
  • How can I extend my trip when I'm already on the road?

And heaps more... See all questions and answers in our FAQ & Support Station!

Spaceships campervan features & specifications

  • How many people can travel in a Spaceship? How many seats do your campervans have?
  • Does a Spaceship come with cooking and sleeping gear? What is included?
  • Is the driving and sleeping comfortable for tall people (over 2m tall) as well?
  • Should we bring suitcases or soft bags? How big is the storage area?
  • Can I plug in my MP3 player, phone or hi-res music player?
  • What sort of stereo is in a Spaceship?
  • Do you have 4-wheel drive (4WD) Spaceships?
  • Do your campervans come with a tow bar?
  • Can I select the name of my Spaceship?
  • Are Spaceships equipped with a cigarette lighter socket?
  • Is there a Spaceships campervan manual or instruction book that I can download?
  • How do I set up the rear awning of my Spaceship?
  • Do Spaceships come with air conditioning?
  • What size is the engine? Is it a petrol engine?
  • What type of car is a Spaceship?
  • How does the self-charging battery system work?
  • Does the engine need to be running to use the fridge?
  • Are Spaceships transmissions manual or auto?
  • How to operate and clean the portable toilet of self-contained campervans?
  • What is the smart battery system? How does it work?
  • What's the age of a Spaceships campervan?

And heaps more... See all questions and answers in our FAQ & Support Station!

Financial questions: pricing, discounts, bond & excess

  • Can I use my own car insurance, credit card insurance or excess insurance policy?
  • Are there extra one-way hire fees?
  • Can I hire a Spaceship if I am 18?
  • Can I hire and drive a Spaceships campervan on a New Zealand or Australian provisional licence?
  • What does the excess (bond) mean?
  • Are there any hidden costs once I pay for my hire?
  • Is there a charge for additional drivers?
  • How can I find the lowest rate? What's the cheapest time of year to travel?
  • Is there a discount or promo code to get an even better deal on campervan hire?
  • Can I change my travel dates?
  • Do you offer glass cover or windscreen insurance
  • Am I insured to drive the camper on unsealed roads?
  • Do you offer special deals on long hires?
  • What is a relocation fee? When does it apply?

And heaps more... See all questions and answers in our FAQ & Support Station!

Questions about the pick-up & drop-off processes

  • Where can I pick up and drop off my Spaceship campervan?
  • Can we pick up our campervan after-hours?
  • Can we return our campervan after-hours?
  • Can we pick up/ drop off the campervan at the airport or somewhere else?
  • Do you offer airport transfers? How do I book a transfer?
  • What do I need to do before arriving at your depot?
  • Can I pay by cash when picking up my vehicle?
  • Can I get a transfer back to the airport or city?
  • What should we bring to the depot when picking up our campervan?
  • Tell me about the pick-up time: when do I need to contact you about a change in pick-up time?
  • What do we need to know about the drop-off process?
  • Do I need to clean the campervan when I return it?

And heaps more... See all questions and answers in our FAQ & Support Station!

Questions about the optional accessories

  • Can I hire extra accessories to customise my Spaceship?
  • How does the solar shower work?
  • How does the external 240-volt mains plug work?
  • We are travelling with our baby. Do you have a baby/child seat we can hire?
  • What are the requirements for baby or child seats in New Zealand?
  • Do you have roof or bike racks for hire?
  • What is the sunshade? Is it a side awning?
  • What is the Express Return Pack?
  • How can I charge my electronics?
  • How can I add snow chains to my booking?
  • Do I need to empty & clean the toilet of the self-contained campervan when I have the Express Return Pack?

And heaps more... See all questions and answers in our FAQ & Support Station!

Questions about booking a campervan in New Zealand

  • Do you really offer free cancellation?
  • When should I book my campervan for my New Zealand road trip?
  • Can I amend my booking later? How flexible are the dates?
  • How do I book a campervan? How can I get the best deal?
  • Are the online payments secure?
  • Do I have to pay a deposit when making a booking?
  • When should we pay the remaining balance of the booking?
  • Can I pay by debit card?
  • Can I call the office to make a booking?
  • How do I turn a quote into a booking?
  • Can I update my booking and add or remove (optional) accessories?
  • Can I book the ferry through your company?
  • I have purchased a ferry voucher from you. How can I book the ferry?

And heaps more... See all questions and answers in our FAQ & Support Station!

Questions about travelling and camping in New Zealand

  • Where can I find the Spaceships free camping app?
  • Where can I find and download the free NZ Frenzy guidebooks?
  • Can I sleep anywhere or do I have to stay in campgrounds? Is free camping allowed in the NZ?
  • Should I book campgrounds in advance?
  • What is the cost of fuel in New Zealand?
  • Do we need snow chains in winter?
  • Will we be warm enough in our Spaceship during the winter night?
  • What are the public facilities like in New Zealand?

And heaps more... See all questions and answers in our FAQ & Support Station!

Your questions about campervan hire in New Zealand answered

You probably have dozens of questions since you came up with the plan to go for a road trip in New Zealand. Where to go and what to do & see are probably on the list of questions about travelling in New Zealand. Why is campervan hire such a great way to explore New Zealand? Flexibility is what it all starts with. The freedom to go your own way and create your own, personal itinerary to see what you want to see in New Zealand. 

Responsible freedom camping in New Zealand

New Zealand is probably the best country in the world for a camping road trip. Freedom camping or responsible camping in amazing and remote places in New Zealand is a great way to spend the night close to amazing New Zealand scenery without breaking the bank. There are thousands of campsites throughout New Zealand. These range from basic campsites that are free ($0) or $8 per night to more scenic campsites or campsites with more facilities. These campsites are often run by organisations like the Department of Conservation (DOC) or regional councils. It is a great way for all kinds of camping vehicles to freedom camp in a responsible way.

And there are, of course, a lot of holiday parks or more commercial campgrounds in New Zealand. Holiday parks are more like campings in popular European holiday destinations, a well-groomed and organised area to camp surrounded by facilities like TV rooms, kitchen, washroom, hot showers and more.

Campervan hire in New Zealand made easy

At Spaceships, it is our goal to make the campervan hire experience and your road trip as easy as possible. Our campervans come with sleeping and cooking gear included so you don't need to bring anything yourself. Just your luggage and a sense of adventure is all you need to kick off your road trip.

When you decide to go for a #spaceshipsroadtrip instead of a "normal road trip", you will become part of our Space Traveller community. A community of travellers that know New Zealand like the back of their hand. We provide you with unique information in the form of a free camoing app and the famous NZ Frenzy guidebooks. All free and all included with your Spaceships booking.

Also, Spaceships are well-maintained campervans that are easy to drive, Actually, they drive like a good car and sleep as comfy as a campervan.

Digital and online is making your road trip even easier

Even before contactless processes became fashionable, Spaceships was pioneering a fully digital and paperless pick-up and drop-off process. Our advanced online systems are giving you - the customer - all the power to create and manage your booking whenever it suits you. No need to wait for offices to open before things get done or questions get answered. It can all be done online.

Online is the way to get the best deal

You can easily compare all our campervans and check prices and availability via our easy to use booking engine. Simply select your preferred pick-up and drop-off location and your travel dates to get the ball rolling. As Spaceships Rentals has two depots in New Zealand, in Auckland and Christchurch, it is easy to pick up your campervan in the South Island and drop it off in the North Island or the other way around. Especially because we don't charge an extra fee for one-way trips. It is all included in our low prices. The price you see is the price you'll pay. There are no hidden fees.

You can manage your booking yourself

To make life even easier, we have created an Online Check-in Portal to manage your booking online. Once your booking is confirmed - which is instant if you book your campervan online -  the check-in system will be open for you. Via the Online Check-in System, you can add or remove optional accessories, change the insurance level, change your details and lots more.

How the check-in process works and how to access the check-in portal is all explained in the Self-Service section of our website.

It is road trip time

Once all questions about campervan hire or camping in New Zealand are answered, the fun can begin. It is then time to prepare for your road trip and to create an amazing itinerary. And we can help with that as well. Our road trip & travel blog is packed with useful tips and suggested itineraries. It is a great way to get some extra travel inspiration and tips for things to do and see in New Zealand.

Go for a #SpaceshipsRoadTrip

Our website and especially this FAQ page packed with questions and answers is your starting point to a great road trip. We are always ready to help and answer your questions. Spaceships is in the business of turning travel & road trip dreams into reality. Don't just go for any road trip, go for a #SpaceshipsRoadTrip.