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How to turn great content into discounted or free travel

Content creator, we are looking for you. This is your chance to do a New Zealand road trip at a discounted rate or for free. Spaceships Campervan Rentals loves working with content creators, like travel bloggers, photographers/videographers or social influencers. Have a creative idea? We love to hear it.

We're looking for content creators

No matter the kind of content you like to create, there’s always a way to work with us and to get cheap or free travel... And for your content to be seen by travellers from all over the world. But first, what kind of content creator are you?

Travel blogger

We’re always on the lookout for travel bloggers who are eager to create inspirational posts about their road trip in New Zealand. You can publish the blog post on your personal travel blog or a travel blog that you work for. We're flexible.

As we have specific wishes for content throughout the year, it’s best that if you’re a travel blogger willing to create content for us to contact us by filling out this form. Tell us a bit about your background, your blog and your travel plans.

Photographer and/or Videographer

Each of our campervans is different. There are 4 types of Spaceships campervans and each Spaceship has a different name. One thing they all have in common is that they love being photographed in amazing places throughout New Zealand. Some of them even like to star in a video about your road trip while visiting typical New Zealand landmarks or scenery.

Throughout the year we have specific wishes for photo or video material, so feel free to contact us. Give us some details about your background, your photographer's skill and your travel plans in that email. We love to work with content creators like you. Let's show the world how awesome a #spaceshipsroadtrip in New Zealand is.

Social Influencer

Are you the Instagram photo wizard or Facebook magician that can give us extra exposure to a specific target audience, then we’re looking for you.

Social influencers can contact us to explain what you can do for our brand. And we’ll reward you accordingly if we work together on a project. Contact us today and tell us a bit about yourself and your plans.

Fancy standing out as a top-notch content creator for Spaceships?

Well, listen up! We've teamed up with some jolly good creators in our time, and we know what it takes to be a cut above the rest. So, here are some top tips to make sure you're the bee's knees.

  • Forget about your fan count, mate! What really matters is your content game. Micro-influencers, we're looking at you! If you're too busy being a content genius to give a hoot about your follower numbers, then you're our kind of creator. Pop over a message via the form below.
  • And don't be a square, join us on the Fediverse! Sure, the popular social media channels are alright, but the real deal is the Federated Universe, or the Fediverse. It puts social back into social media. It is the next step in the online world of social media. We love creators who are already clued up on channels like Mastodon, Pixelfed, and Friendica, so hop on board.
  • Last but not least, you've got to be up for an adventure, mate. Our content projects can happen any time of year, but they're most likely to happen when the rest of the world isn't around, like in the off-season. If you're flexible with your travel dates and ready for a bit of a jolly, then you might just bag yourself a free trip as a content creator. Sound good, eh?


Best time of the year for a collab project

Our content wishlist changes all the time and so do our content creator or collab projects.

  • December & January: no projects will be available
  • February & March: low need for new content
  • April to September: best time of the year for a collab/content creator project
  • October - November: some projects available, contact us.

If your travel dates are flexible or you're not sure yet when you want to travel, just contact us. We love to chat about creative opportunities, collab projects and more.

How to stand out as a content creator for Spaceships

As we have done so many amazing collab & content creator projects we know exactly what will work for us and for you, the content creator. A collab should always be beneficial, so here are some pointers to set yourself apart from the average content creator and to really stand out.

  • The number of fans or followers doesn't matter! The best content is created by content creators that focus on content and are just too busy to care about the number of fans. Micro-influencers/content creators, we are talking about you. Contact us via the form below.
  • You are active in the Fediverse as well! Any great content creator doesn't put too much effort into channels they can't control. Yes, the popular Big Tech-funded social channels are important but it is also key to focus on the future: the Federated Universe aka Fediverse. Whether you are just testing out or are super-active on channels like Mastadon, Pixelfed or Friendica, setting your sights on the future is what we love to see.
  • You are flexible with travel dates! Content projects can happen at any time, but they almost always happen during the low season (never in the busy summer season). The more flexible your travel plans are, the more chances you have of landing a free content creator road trip.

Discount-for-content: rewarding awesome content

Fun, creative content is important to us. Show the world how amazing it is to travel through New Zealand on a Spaceship. And we’ll reward you for it, either with a discount on campervan hire, free travel or by creating a paid, freelance project for you.

The discount level (yes, also the full 100% aka a free trip) depends on many factors, for instance:

  • The quality of the content
  • Your skills
  • Where it will be posted or how it's going to be used.

... To name some of the factors we take into account

Anyone can be a content creator for Spaceships

Our programme for content creators is for travel bloggers, photographers and social influencers of all levels. We'll tailor the reward to what your content is worth. Our motto is: great content will always be rewarded. No worries. If you create great content for us, we’ll reward you for it.

More info about the discount/reward

Why a discount afterwards you might ask? Well, we want to make sure we only work with real content creators (travel bloggers, photographers or social influencers). People who can and will create content and aren’t just looking for cheap travel. If you’re looking for just a discount on campervan hire (and aren’t interested in creating content), we have the following programme for you…

Looking for a discount on campervan hire? (and not creating content?)

If you’re not a content creator but just looking for a discount on campervan hire, then we have another programme for you. Check out our super low rates and deals throughout the year.

Dos & don’ts of the content creation programme

  • Travel bloggers need to have their own travel blog (on its own domain, e.g. or work for an established travel blog.
  • Photographers & videographers need to have their own equipment, as you know exactly which brand works best for you.
  • Social Influencers need to have at least one social media account with a substantial number of followers and a ditto engagement rate.
    We’ll never tell you how to do your job as a content creator, so we won’t give you a strict briefing. It’s just a briefing about what we expect and what you’ll get in return: a discount, free campervan hire or a paid freelance project.

As soon as we know who you are, what your travel plans are and what you can do for us, we can check availability and talk about the details of a content creation project with you. Let’s chat, contact us today.

Content you would like to create or that you specialise in

Creating content around the world

Planning to visit more countries than just New Zealand? Then have a look at where you'll find Spaceships as well. Our overseas mates are also looking forward to working with creative content creators like you.